Smart Irrigation System Based IoT

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Shanaa, Sima
Awwad, Iba
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Internet of Things (IoT) plays a basic role in intelligence agriculture. Developed farming is an emerging subject, because IoT sensors have a power of providing data about their agriculture fields. Automation of field practices can make agricultural domain from step by step and static to smart and powerful leading to more production with lesser human supervision. This project controls and maintains the wanted soil moisture content through automatic watering. Microcontroller on arduino uno platform is used to continue the control unit. The setup uses sensors which measure the true moisture grade in soil and temperature. This grade powers the system to use suitable quantity of water which prevents under irrigation. IOT is used to save the farmers refreshed about the occasion of sprinklers. Data from the sensors is gradually refreshed on a webpage using GSM-GPRS SIM900A modem via which a farmer can check whether the water sprinklers are ON or OFF at any specific time.