A house without Mirrors: Translation procedures

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Husein, Haya
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This project provides a reflection on the translation of a children story from English into Arabic. It documents the challenges that have been faced and the techniques that have been used in order to make the text as comprehensive as possible. The target age group of the selected story is 7-11 years old; accordingly, it was inevitable to use a very simple language to make sure that the text is easily read and understood. The translator used specific strategies to let the audience know that it's a translated foreign story. There were four decisions the translator made in translating the text; adding more words and adjectives, strategies for transmitting the message easier, simple language and common used word, and translating the story twice. The method used in the translation was literal and free translation. Moreover, the translator used four strategies; foreignization, addition, deletion, and colloquial translation. However, the translator encountered some challenges, not all words could be translated. Finally, the translator concluded the following results: 1- The translation of this story is closer to the literal translation than the free translation. 2- Children literature translation becomes easy once the major decision regarding foreignizing or domesticating is made by the translators.
translation , children story , Children literature