The Impact of Using Running Dictation on Developing the Writing Skills on the Tenth Graders at Nablus Private Schools

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Ahmad, Hadeel Jameel
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An-Najah National University
The study aimed at investigating the effect of using running dictation as a brand new approach for building writing skills for the tenth graders in Nablus private schools. In order to get the study goal, the researcher used the quasi experimental research design (it is used when we can’t control all the factors like feeling and emotions) since it is ideal for the dynamics of the research. The study population included (484) tenth graders in Nablus private schools according to the annual educational statistical book 2019/2020 produced by the Ministry of Education. The researcher chose the study sample purposively since the Nablus private school in which the experiment was applied near to the work place of the researcher. The study sample was comprised of (44) male and female students. The experimental group was comprised of (22) male and female students; while the control group was comprised of (22) male and female students.. The researcher conducted a writing skills achievement test, which aimed to determine the tenth graders' writing skills achievement level of English language before studying the lessons of the units in their school curriculum and after the test in order to compare between them. The results of the study showed that there are statistically significant differences in the mean scores of the control and experimental groups in the writing skills achievement posttest in favor of the experimental group due to the use of running dictation strategy. Based on the research finding, the researcher recommended using Running Dictation as an effective strategy of developing students' writing skills in teaching writing for the tenth graders. The researcher also recommended doing additional scientific studies associated with making use of Running Dictation technique with various dependent variables like speaking and listening with various grades.
dictation , Writing Skills , Tenth Graders at Nablus Private Schools