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The Animal experimental station has been established when the Faculty was re-located in its new campus in Khadouri-Tulkarm. The farm is used for training of students majoring in animal production and protection and for conducting researches by the academic staff. The animal experimental station has different sections which include: 1- Dairy Farm- houses a herd of 50 Holestein Friesian dairy cows. These high yielding cows are used for training of the animal science students as well as veterinary medicine students in management , nutrition and health aspects .The farm is equipped with up to date facilities. It also has a mini-dairy processing unit. 2-Sheep and Goats farm- houses a variety of sheep and goat breeds; like Awassi and Assaf for sheep and saanen, Damascus, and Anglo-Nubian for goats. These breeds are characterized by their production, productivity and resistance to disease .This flock is available for training sheep and goat farmers in the northern part of the country. 3-Rabbit Farm- houses a variety of rabbit breeds including domestic and exotic rabbits. Students are trained on aspect of rabbit production , management and nutrition . Rabbit are also2 used for research and practical classes in the department of animal production and veterinary medicine . 4-Poultry Farm- houses broiler and well as egg laying hens.The farm has several broiler units . The farm has several broiler units. These units are used to train students in the department and to carry out research project by masters students from the faculty of higher studies. 5-Equine Farm- houses a number of horses that are used for training purposes .Students are subjected to training in aspect like handling , management, and health issues of horses. 6-An Apiary- houses several bee hives for student training .