The Impact of Applying Dictogram Strategy on Improving Students’ Writing Skills from Teachers’ Perspectives in Jenin’s City Schools

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Abu Al-Haija, Miraj Wa’el Saleh
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An-Najah National University
This study found out the impact of implementing Dictogram strategy on improving writing skills of public school students from the perceptions of English language teachers in Jenin. This is because writing skills are paid less attention in the classroom; moreover, teachers need to adopt new strategies and methods in teaching writing. In order to achieve the objectives of the study and find out teachers' perceptions regarding the teaching of English writing, and the efforts made to improve student outcomes, a descriptive-analytical approach was used. A questionnaire was prepared and distributed to 161 English language teachers in Jenin governorate. Data for this questionnaire were analyzed using SPSS program. The results showed that teachers agreed that using Dictogloss strategy could improve students' teamwork and improve vocabulary. The results also showed a significant agreement among teachers on the importance of writing skills, and they found that the level of writing skills of most students is average and below average. Moreover, the results indicate that the time available for teachers to teach writing skills in English for students is insufficient. The results also showed teachers' dissatisfaction with English language curriculum, as teachers agreed that the current textbooks are not equipped with appropriate teaching methods to improve students' writing skills. Results of statistical analysis showed that teachers are aware of this strategy and nearly (85.1%) of respondents have used it. However, according to most teachers (96.9%), Dictogram needs extra time to apply in the classroom. The study recommended that teachers are advised to adopt new learning strategies or enhance pre-existing strategies that help students store new lexical elements in their forms and meanings in the their mental dictionary to enable them to memorize these elements and use them accurately in their writings.