Critical Behavior of Refractive Index of Binary Mixture Cyclohexane - Phenol

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Bsharat, Heba Yousef
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The dynamic viscosity of binary mixture of cyclohexane - phenol was measured over the entire possible range of concentrations and temperatures. The results above the critical temperature and critical concentration were analyzed by the mode coupling theory of one phase. The anomaly of dynamic viscosity was detected as a function of temperature and concentration. Dynamic viscosity anomaly was clearly observed near the critical temperature Tc = 17.0 ℃ and the critical concentration χc= 2.70% by weight of phenol. The value of noncritical part of refractive index was found to be 𝑛0𝐷= 1.4276. The universal critical exponent for refractive index 𝜒𝑛 is also calculated to be 0.00156. The behavior of refractive index of cyclohexane -phenol obeys power law universality above the phase transition. The isobaric specific heat for the critical binary mixture 𝑐𝑝𝑐 was found to be 106.6 𝐽/𝑘𝑔.𝐾 using two-scale factor universality. Joule`s constant for cyclohexane - phenol binary mixture was found to be 4.1 Calorie/J