Review on the use of tablets among Palestinian.

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Nora Omar
Suwaim Hbaisheh
Maaly Majdobeh
Najah Hanbali
Shayma Mousa
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The primary purpose of this study was to determine if softgel is preferred by consumers over other oral solid dosage form in Palestine. In recent years rapid developments of pharmaceutical formulations have frequently become more popular. Beyond the direct clinical effect, when the prescriptions and medicines contain oral solid drug dosage form, the clinical effect and recovery from the disease will be faster because of better adherence. The following areas were investigated on a base of survey on softgels versus other solid forms. The identification of various oral solid dosage forms by participants with the most preferred one, perception degree of therapeutic benefit to which act-rapidly, easy to swallow and longer acting of oral solid medication is an issue, prediction of the most preferred physical characteristics of the oral solid dosage forms and preference of the organoleptic and physical characteristics of softgel and preference to change the current oral solid dosage forms to softgel. A total of 300 survey participants were included in the analysis. Most of respondents strongly preferred softgels (75%) over other dosage forms in virtually every area. Softgel capsule were investigated as fast acting with the least duration (47.7%) of action and easy to swallow. The preferences were rated by size, shape and ease to swallow, therefor, softgel received the majority of respondents. Also the participants wish to have other products in softgels rather than in another form of oral solid dosage forms. It is concluded that the survey participants preferred sofgel over other specific oral solid dosage form, therefore, it is believed that when pharmaceutical companies developing a new product they should consider softgel as a good alternative dosage form.