Quality Evaluation of Iron Containing Oral Dosage forms Present in the Palestinian Market

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Shorouq Dwaikat
Rawan Ataya
Anagheem Ali
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Iron is widely used to treat anemia and is prescribed considerably or sold as OTC in the local market. Iron supplements that are presented in Palestinian market were tested for their percentage assay and microbial contamination. The amount of actual iron in the tested products were determined using potentiometric titration and atomic absorption methods. Moreover, the bacterial and fungal contaminations were tested according to the international pharmacopeial methods. The results showed that 72% failed the test and most of them were above the limit. The result was varial according to the source and the dosage form. Iron supplements in the Palestinian markets do not meet the USP allowed limits. An urgent action need to be taken by the responsible authorities including the Ministry of health to improve. Corrective action such as abiding with the registration requirements and performing regular quality checks on food supplements present in the market need to done immediately.