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    Estimation of Serum Liver Enzyme Activities in Assaf Sheep AST, ALB,GLOBULIN,TP in state of Palestine
    (2021-01-06) Shehadeh, Saif; Al-Qadumi, Arab; ALZuheir , Ibrahim
    The current study was conducted on normal Assaf sheep to evaluate serum activities of : 1. Aspartate amino transferase (AST) 2. ALBUMIN(ALB) 3. Globulin 4. Total protein (TP)
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    Estimation of Serum Cholesterol, Glucose and Triglyceride in Assaf Sheep in Palestine
    (2021-01-06) Tellawi, Ahmad; Sarees, Obada; Abo Iram, Younis; Abu Helal , Belal
    The current study was conducted on 95 clinically normal Assaf sheep to evaluate serum level of glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride level. Ninety-five sheep were divided into males; 14 ram lambs and rams, 81 females; ewe lambs, pregnant (27), non-pregnant ewes (54), aged from four months to four year old. The sample were collected from September 2020 to October 2020, and the serum were used for measurement of glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride level.]. The results revealed that the range and mean of these tests were as follow glucose; [(5.65-98.21)mg/dl, 53.14], cholesterol; [(36.01-252.9)mg/dl, 127.94], triglyceride; [(1.39-134.27)mg/dl, 28.71]. Assaf sheep needs more attention and support in Palestine to optimize its productivity.
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    Effect of cupping on Blood Parameters and cortisone
    (2019-12-23) Estaity, Souhaib; Farahat, Mustaffa; Ghazzi, Yahya; Nazzal, Abdelfattah; Jaber, Mayyada; Yassin, Sondos; Khraim, Nimer
    In this study cupping therapy was effective, simple and of economic treatment. cupping, puncturing and cupping (CPC) method which includes six short simple steps: marking skin, sterilization, first cupping, puncturing, second cupping and sterilization.
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    Effect of Antihistamine on Acceleration of Wound healing in Rabbits
    (2018-05-16) Abu Malash, Monjed; Shalabi, Abdel Hafeeth; Khraim, Nimer
    Wound healing or wound repair is the natural process of regeneration of tissue after injured. The surgical intervention may need for treat of some diseases in animal . Because is more stress and painful for animal and may lead to decrease of productivity of animal and may cause more economic loss. Difficulty to keep the wound clean and control the contamination and infection. Especially in veterinary medicine and because the environment of the farm that not easy to control the infection as much as in OP and recovery room.
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    Classification of Pneumonic Sheep Lung From Slaughterhouse According to Histopathology
    (2018-05-16) Hroub, Mohammad; Jibreen, Alaa; Fayyad, Adnan
    Pneumonia is considered as one of the most common disease affecting sheep. Its responsible for major economic losses through high lamb mortality rates, reduced weight gain, condemnation of lungs in slaughterhouses. In addition to the cost of medical therapy and vaccinations against infectious causes of pneumonia (Jones et al., 1982; Goodwin et al., 2004).