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  • Integrated design for Nablus municipality building 

    Mahamdeh, Sally; Rabaya, Abed Allateef; Salem, Saja (2021)
    The integrated between all engineering disciplines is very important to achieve comfort in buildings, based on the development of the performance function for this building. This project is a proposed project by architecture ...
  • Integrated Design for Nablus Municipality 

    Monjed daraghmeh, Mahmoud; Methqal Daraghmeh, Ibrahem; Harbi Bekawi, Saif-Aldeen (2021)
    Nablus municipality project with two separate blocks almost and two floors of basements in a vital area in the city of Nablus, a little away from the city center in an area with a relatively high traffic s, as the ...
  • Design An Elderly Home In Nablus City 

    Abu Al-huda, Amer; Zawawi, Mohammad; Abu Al-haija, Rafat (2021)
    This project is a redesign of a home for the elderly, the project was built on land in Nablus on Street 16 opposite the elderly house of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, with a total area of 9250 square meters, ...
  • Smart Shopping Cart 

    BaniFadel, Aseel; Tubaileh, Dania (2020)
    In these days, people are interested in technologies that make their life easier and save their time. Besides, the social distancing that Coronavirus imposed leads us to think about problems that need solutions, like waiting ...
  • True Driver 

    Tubaileh, Dania; BaniFadel, Aseel (2020)
    Transportation is an essential need for many people to go to work, school, and home. In particular, the main common method inside many cities is to drive the car. Driving a car can be an easy job to reach the destination ...
  • Indoor prevention suffocation system(IPSS) 

    Dmaide, Hamza; Aqel, Dania (2020)
    The number of child hot car deaths for 2020 was 24 the majority of them happen because someone forgets a child in a car. On average, 38 children under the age of 15 die each year from suffocation after being left in a ...
  • Car Assistant 

    Aqel, Dania; Dmaide, Hamza (2020)
    According to the world bank statistics, there are 1.42 billion cars in operation, as a result, the number of road accidents and vehicle breakdown cases increases, so there are an attend to use mobile application for car ...
  • Camping Resort 

    ABU HASAN, DIANA (2021)
    A recreational tourism project that meets the desires of all age groups and suits all times. It contains recreational and cultural activities and accommodation areas to suit a unique adventure and enjoy the existing ...
  • Fashion Couture 

    EISAWI, MAYSOON (2021)
    Project Proposal: [Fashion Couture] Background The main idea of the project is to create a building that gather several aspects related to fashion. Since we have boutiques and shops that sell clothes but at the same ...
  • Hospital 

    ABU OBIED, DIMA (2021)
    The idea of the project aims to implement the idea of “psychological comfort leads to faster treatment” by transforming massive and violent architecture into human-friendly architecture linked to the surrounding environment ...

    Shalhoub, Mo’men; Amer, Shaima’; Abadi, Dareen (2021)
    All governments seek to strengthen their relationship with their citizens. Accordingly, the governments have begun to pay attention for constructing buildings in every city to facilitate ways of dealing with citizens ...
  • Bentley Car Showroom 

    Dasouqi, Doaa; Mahmud, Donya; Arman, Lu’a (2021)
    The Palestinian automobile sector has been growing markedly and steadily for years. According to the ministry of transportation and communications statistics, the number of vehicles registered in the west bank has been ...
  • Cultural Park 

    ZAHRAN, HANAN (2021)
    The site has an area of 30,000 square meters and was chosen because of its ease of access, as it is located on a main street and public transportation is next to it Because of the lack of green spaces and cultural ...
  • College & Agricultural Research Center 

    SALAMEH, REMAH (2021)
    The project builts on the lands of Jayyous town in qalqilya governorate, which is located on the road between Qalqilya and Tulkarm in an area considered relatively far from the town center. This particular spot was chosen ...
  • Prevalence of Diabetes among NAFLD patients 

    Unknown author (2019-05-17)
  • Visual Outcomes after Photorefractive keratectomy for low Myopia: A six months follow up 

    صلاح الدين حسن الحوشية (2019-05-17)
  • Prevalence and associations of Night Eating Syndrome in NNU students 

    يزن محمد نظمي غنام; مصطفى عبدالمعطي حسن ابومحسن; محمد ياسر عبد اللطيف حسين (2019-05-17)
  • Risk Factors of Breast Cancer among Palestinians/ West Bank 

    محمود يوسف محمد ترهي; محمد سفيان محمد دجاني; اريج تيسير نظيف عبده; حنين غسان اسماعيل علان (2019-05-17)
  • Prevalence of hearing impairment among a sample of diabetic patients 

    حسام حسين حامد الحامد; محمد نضال سعيد الزغل; احمد "محمد كمال" حسن ابو عيده (2019-05-17)

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