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  • Updates in the Treatment for Childhood Leukemia: an Article Review 

    Akaber Abu Sofian; Masa Abu Omar; Wesal Hafaitha; Rowa’ Al-Ramahi (2021-05-09)
  • The Uses and Expenses of Antihypertensive Medications among Hypertensive Adults 

    Areen A. Allan; Assayel M. Dwaikat; Lisa Sh. Mousa; Razan A. Enayah; Reem M. Dawabsheh; Rowa Al Ramahi (2021-05-09)
  • Hydroethanolic Plant Extract, Cytotoxic, and Cytostatic Activities 

    Qosay Naser, Roaa Masarwa; Salah Aqel (2021-04-28)
  • Natural Oils Used for Skin and Hair Care: A Systematic Review 

    Omar Khateeb, Dana Shalabi; Asala Qarawi, Doaa Yousef; Banan Haj Mohammad (2021-04-28)
  • Review on Flaxseed Oil Traditional, Cosmaceutical and Pharmacological Use 

    Tayma Hanany, Ruba Abu Elrub; Jazela Elrabee, Marah Abu zaid (2021-04-28)
  • Sweet Scented Geranium Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy 

    Aseel Odetallah, Ghafran Qasim; Reem Awayssa (2021-04-28)
  • Smart GreenHouse 

    Al-Hattab, Alaa (2019)
    Our project is a smart greenhouse. It provides an automated, customizable environment to suit the growth of different types of plants. The project aims to provide this through a smart embedded system that controls various ...
  • Competency Management System (CMS) 

    Al-Hattab, Alaa’; hashayki, Walaa’ (2019)
    When companies search for new employees, The results can be inaccurate and uncertain using the usual research methods, Also, many students cannot create a CV and since the CV varies according to job opportunities, so we ...
  • iTour 

    Jarwan, Fadi; Shayeb, Mahmoud (2019)
    These days, tourism is an important element of building any society or state, as it confirms the nobility and originality of any country, and we do not forget that it also constitutes a large financial income for that ...
  • Smart Grass Cutter 

    Hillo, Bassam; Jarawan, Fadi (2019)
    There is a continuous increase in green areas in the world, either in our homes or in public areas, where grass grows fast and to keep these areas beautiful we have to introduce a technology in this area to help in mowing ...
  • Conservation of the Material Cultural Heritage in Al-Aqsa Mosque 

    AL-Omary, Aya; Hamza, Sara; Mari, Mariana (2019)
    This project contributes to the progressive efforts in restoration and preservation (conservation) of the material Islamic heritage in Al-Aqsa mosque and Dome of The Rock in Jerusalem city. These two treasures of Islamic ...
  • Wireless Automated Car System “ BB – 8 ” 

    Hamaydeh, Mohammad; Shayeb, Mahmoud (2019)
    In order to achieve an integrated wireless and A.I. automated car system that would find route against obstacles and memorize the paths it goes through; we developed the BB-8 system. The BB-8 consists of a car connected ...
  • 2D Vertical Plotter Robot 

    Draidi, Mahmoud; Obaid, Mohammed (2019)
    The “2 Dimensional XY plotter” is a reliable solution for providing plotting or drawing different images on a given surface for everyday use. The XY plotter uses its three different housing i.e. ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ in order ...
  • Rakkibna “ ركّبنا” 

    Draidi, Mahmoud; Obaid, Mohammed (2019)
    The public transport sector in Palestine is one of the most vital sectors in Palestine because of its impact on various aspects of life. According to the transport statistics report published by Palestinian Ministry of ...
  • Smart Piano 

    Eid, Lama; abd Alhalim, Masa (2018)
    If you ever had a piano lesson, some topics might seem a bit more complicated, if you used a music sheet or songbooks to play from, they will likely have chords to play. There are hundreds of possible chords in piano music. ...
  • Scholarships Mobile Application 

    Eid, Lama (2018)
    The Scholarships Office (SO) works for Academic Affairs to assist students of An-Najah National University who wish to pursue education at foreign, In addition, the office assists high achieving students in their pursuit ...
  • Phoenix 

    Awad, Wala; Shunnar, Ruba (2019)
    Since Arabic is the fifth spoken language in the world, it is important to type it and use it perfectly. Yet, most Arabs use Dialect Arabic, and this caused an obvious degradation in the use of Modern Standard Arabic. ...
  • Apollo 

    Awad, Wala; Shunnar, Ruba (2019)
    Lighting, in general, affects the way we see our surrounding, and it affects our judgement on things or relaxation whether we knew it or not. Since many people spend a relatively long time on their desks, either working, ...
  • Nablus Municipality Reporting System (NMRS) 

    shenawi, Noura; Abo Salah, Abed (2018)
    The municipality of Nablus suffers from some problems related to communicating with citizens in order to understand the extent of their satisfaction with the services, as well as inquiring and complaining about any problems ...

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