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  • Prevalence of lactose intolerance among patients with irritable bowel syndrome 

    Anabtawi, Ola (2017-05-01)
    IBS : Irritable Bowel Syndrome is GI disorder characterized by abdominal pain , bloating and altered bowel habits. There are three types of IBS : D-IBS . C-IBS. M-IBS . Most of patients with irritable bowel ...
  • Phosphate-Free and Sodium-Reduced Roasted Turkey Breast. 

    Sbeihat, Maram; Tome, Heba (2017-05-01)
    Importance of sodium to body, regulating the body’s electrolyte balance, preventing dehydration and maintainingmany of the body’s cellular functions,Preventing nutrient deficiencies.
  • Academic Performance & Food Intake 

    Hejazi, Sundos (2017-05-01)
    To explore associations between academic performance and food intake at An- Najah university students, because what we eat, directly influences our brains.
  • Educational Tools (Nutrition Games) 

    Hithnawi, Afaf; Balalta, Seema; Dameh, Aida (2017-05-01)
    Rising child with a healthy nutritional habits is not easy especially with a temptations of junk food, , and since children enjoy games we thought of making a combination of both a games and nutritional information .
  • Palestinian Art Gallery 

    Abd -Azeez, Azeez (2017)
    The Palestinian art gallery is considered a real representation of unity between both the structure and landscape as one. The building consists of a series of hollow units organized in a radial form, which results in ...
  • Health Care Center 

    Alawneh, Mohammed; Kamal, Sameh; Assi, Hamza (2017)
    There is an urgent need to improve the medical and health services provided to people in Palestine and to make it efficient and as near as possible to people’s living areas. a large number of accidents happens on the ...
  • PV-Diesel Hybrid system with energy storage batteries: design, configurations and performance evaluation 

    Salameh, Osama; Ata, Mohammad (2017)
    The renewable energy becomes the base for the different technology’s as a continuous and unbreakable source of energy, it becomes essential to know how to deal with this source of energy, how to achieve the best benefit ...

    Mayaleh, Samer; Ma’aly, Ehab (2017)
    The graduation projects at An-Najah University in Nablus aim at enhancing the student's ability to interact with what he has taken over the studding years in the university courses by allowing him to benefit from a project ...
  • Automatic Farm management 

    Mayyaleh, Morad; Alsaeed, Mahmoud; Thiab, Motaz (2017)
    The main objective of the project is to automate the watering process, as well produce high efficient products with lower cost and effort. The system main plan has been set to start implementing the project by knowing ...
  • Remotely Operatedunderwater unmanned Vehicle (ROV) 

    Salman, Diya; Owiesi, Adham (2017)
    The main object of ROV“remotely operated underwater unmannedvehicle” is to help specialists explore the deep sea without endangering themselves by attacking whales, predatory fishAnd the search for the remains of the planes ...
  • CNC Machine 

    Basheer, Esam; Albarham, Naser; Ahmad, Moatasem (2017)
    The Computer Numeric Control (CNC) is a technology which aims to generate, parse and exec ute sequential actions that describe the behavior of the end shape. This article reports the develo pment small sized prototype CNC ...
  • Measurement the level of liquid in a container by using capacitive Probe 

    Shtaya, Manar; Dwekat, Tahany (2017)
    Measuring the level of liquid in a container is an important process in various process industries . The design of a capacitance transducer using a 555 timer circuit measuring the capacitance in terms of frequency and ...

    Salah, Ashwas; Mohammad, Bahir (2017)
    This project is talking about an artificial arm which is controlled by a human arm. The artificial arm contains motors and a set of cables connecting these motors altogether among all the five fingers. There are 5 flex ...
  • Multi tone testing for linear and nonlinear electronics 

    Maree, Belal; Daood, Omar (2017)
    Multitone testing represent an advanced test technique used for testing electronic devices whether it can be passive devices such as antennas, filters or active such as amplifiers. Multitone test can be used to test linear ...
  • Performance evaluation of 5KW on grid PV system using matlab Simulink 

    Ismail, Mohammad; Tuqan, Khalid (2017)
    •The project is a detailed study of solar energy in Palestineby studying the types of PV cells like the study we made in graduation project 1,but in graduation project 2 the study was made using matlabSimulink,the project ...
  • Rehabilitation of Tulkarem Electrical Network 

    Abd-AlDaeem, Ahmad; Dawod, Basel; Odeh, Anan (2017)
    In our project we draw the one line diagram for Tulkarem network and analysis it by using ETAP12.6 the software program show us problems of these network , like the high losses and the decrease of PF of swing bus which ...

    Sonono, Islam; Al Mashni, May; Hanani, Ghazal (2017)
    The aim of this project is determining of optimal design for grid connected PV power system in the range of daily loads amounting to 20 Kwp and designing a 30% of total demand forEngineering and Information technology ...
  • Wireless power transmission 

    Hayder, Samih; Melhem, Rasheed; Abu Edih, Amin (2017)
    Wireless power transmission or electromagnetic power transfer is the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical load without any conducting wire. Wireless power transmission is modern technology ...
  • Smart shopping process 

    Na’neesh, Afiaa; Barahmeh, Ruba; Nemer, Hana’ (2017)
    Smart Shopping Process Most of the people are facing problems of missing some items during shopping. Besides that, most of the house-wives are suffering every time they put the shopping list. Because of the above reasons ...
  • Design of an Electric Network for the Norhtern part of the West Bank of Palestine taking into consideration a new generation bus 

    No’man, Ikhlas; Raghda, Abbas; Dana, Bni Odeh (2017)
    The goal is designing an electrical network for the northern part of west bank of Palestine from two new substation . One of the substation in Sarra in Nablus which will provide Nablus ,Qalqelia, and Salfeet, and another ...

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