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    • Au/InSe interface designed as resonators for optical communications 

      Ikmail, Alaa A. (2016-03-23)
      In the current work a 200 nm Gold is used as substrate to 200 nm thick InSe thin film. Both layers are prepared by the physical vapor deposition technique. The optical transmittance, reflectance, and absorbance of the ...
    • Electrical properties of the Yb/Ga2S3 interface 

      NazzalU, UEman O. (2016-03-23)
      GaR2RSR3R thin films are deposited onto Ytterbium substrate at vacuum pressure of 10P-5P mbar for use as new class of optoelectronic devices. The Yb/GaR2RSR3R interface is studied by means of current- voltage characteristics, ...