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    • Medical Alarm 

      Ibrahim Amereah; Abdallah Radi (2006)
      The Medical Alarm is an electronic medicine alarm, The idea of the project  is due to the fact that most people  specially the old men and women forget to take their medicine on time, which may cause loses may ...
    • The ADXL202 Application (Car SpeedoMeter)l 

      Othman Mohammad Othman; Mohammad Ameen Salman (2006)
      The main idea in this project is to find some new aspects , new things & to get rid of the traditional control through the micro controller.It is made to measure the speed of any moving vehicle without having to plug ...
    • Distributed File SystemOver Windows 

      Iyad Ibsais; Jamal Abdul-Haq (2006)
      Making a distributed file system over the Windows environment is getting more and more importance, specially in the labs, companies, and any place where a network exists because of the need to access any file any where in ...

      Muna Ayesh (2006)
    • Mark Insertion System 

      Hiba Mesyed (2006)
      This project is a multipurpose research, since it is going to explore many aspects. The first goal of this Project is to build up a web portal which we think should be the Palestinian business trend. The more use of web ...
    • InfraRed Chat System 

      Ammar Muna; Hisham Hamayel (2006)
    • House Control System 

      Ali Tawfiq; Abdullah Isa (2006)
    • Simple VOIP Over LAN 

      Abdullah Yahya yaseen; Abdullah Yahya Jabr (2006)
      In the network world there are so many new and old protocols that was made specifically for real time application and in our case we will describe some of them that are concerned with voice but unfortunately these protocols ...
    • School System 

      Asma Al-Saqa; Shereen Yaseen (2006)
    • Management Studio WMI and SNMP tools 

      Alaa Ibrahim Daher (2006)
       To manage (get information) about computers connected to a LAN. Using SNMP protocol and WMI API Through a server application which can collect management data. SNMP agents will be running on hosts to ...
    • Robotic arm 

      Ola Jallad; Hanan Zuheir Ali (2006)
    • Embedded remote monitoring web server 

      Abdullah Yahya Yassen; Abdullah Yahya Jabr (2006)
      We decides to make a embedded web server that will monitor and save power consumption  of  3 rooms and save and shows the status of each room like the temperature of the each one, and to light the room when there ...
    • Car Tracked Via Mouse 

      Fadi Talib Rob'a.; Shawqi Fuad Kojok (2006)
      We designed and created a software-based graphical control interface for control car   tracked via mouse ,the car controlled from computer serially  through the mouse  eg.when you move mouse right  ...
    • User Mangmant system 

      Sadiq saeed Al-Hajj; Othman Omar (2006)
    • Online Exam 

      Anas Sami Tomeh; Saad Zaid Tarabiah (2006)
    • Body Learning 

      Najah Sadder.; Hanan Abd-Allah (2006)
    • Controlling Fridge Via Internet 

      Hanya Radwan (2006)
    • Quran Website 

      Thaer Thaher (2006)
    • E_ commerce Website 

      Mona Abed Alghani; Ghada Kettani (2006)
      This E-Commerce WebSite target is to Help Customers finding all their needs in one place..All things in this website is completely dynamic so that any one can be an administrator for this website although if he dose not ...

      Mohammad A. Salman; Othman M. Othman (2006)