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    • 3tayer 

      Fraihat, Bara'a (2018)
      Deals Store an online store, web based application, which allows customers order product online , also they can find a product of interest by searching for the name of product , it's price or it's category . On hand the ...
    • Active virtal Circuit 

      Issa, Tariq; Omar, Husam (2017)
      This project implements SDN controller that attain high quality connections between two hosts with achieve bandwidth requirements, by Dijkistra Algorithm, and make flows.
    • Almodeer almohasabi 

      Hammouz, Yaseen; Zaqout, Abdulraheem (2019)
      Jewelry shops deal with different types of people every day. Even they are customers or dealers. A lot of calculations are made daily with different currencies (JOD, NIS, USD). That makes the manager aware of any loss. ...
    • Anomaly Intrusion Detection System Using Neural Network 

      Raghad, Bashir; Hanan, Rayyan; Mohammad, Khateeb (2020)
      security has always been a challenge for administrators, as bay by day attacks became sophisticated. which make it harder for Intrusion detection systems (IDS) to detect, there are three types of IDS, signature-based, ...

      مرح, خضر; اسيل, اسيا; هيفاء, نوباني (2020)
      “APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM” is a web application designed for job seekers. This system has many facility features for the participating actors. This System is designed to assist companies and job seekers find their job ...
    • Arabic Letter Recognition and Pronunciation Evaluation 

      رطروط, حاتم; ياسين, دلال; حنون, مي (2021)
      Arabic Speech Recognition provides an automated system for recognizing the alphabet of the Arabic language using deep learning algorithms that are capable of recognizing patterns in data on its own and compiling them, and ...
    • Articles Classification System 

      Awashra, Naim; Halabi, Rani (2018)
      We have seen recently that websites that are interested in the transfer of news and circulation from other sites have proliferated, and the circulation of these news needs a tool that helps journalists, article writers and ...
    • Articles Classification System 

      Rabay'a, Ahmad (2018)
      a program that gather news from facebook and other sites and classifies them into five classifications to help journalist to post them quickly and easlly.
    • Autocraft 

      Motasem, Aghbar (2017)
      Architectural designers commonly use three-dimensional drawings for visualizing and simulation. But drawings are always provided in 2D, and designers ought to reconstruct with their hands and imagination the 3D CAD. ...
    • Automating Arabic Tags Creation for Annotating Web Contents 

      Alhasan, Jana; Sulaiman, Shahd; Barham, Batool (2022)
      Web Annotation becomes an important collaboration technique for users of the web. In order to increase universal collaboration, it is vital for annotators to contact the most related people that share the same interests. ...
    • Automating the plants growth monitoring By digital image processing 

      Banna, Zein; Younis, Dana (2019)
      Monitoring plants growth is a real challenge in the field of agriculture .The complexity, effort, time and accuracy are critical factors for the tracking efficiency. In traditional context, discovering potential problems ...
    • A Business Recommender System Based on Zones and Commercial Data 

      Dameh, Rania; Egbaria, Ruba; Alzaqa, Salsabeel (2022)
      In many countries people target different places to open a business and succeed in it. They may choose an unsuccessful business or the location does not need the type of this business. In this paper, we aim to improve the ...
    • Car Diagnostic System 

      Awadeh, Raghad; Rudab, Abu Yaqoub; Alya, Al Haj Ahmed (2017)
      The basic idea of the project is to diagnose problems in cars and give a predefined solution on how to repair the problems in Arabic language. Mechanics in Arab world, face the problem of dealing with the English version, ...
    • CBL Management System 

      Kharoub, Riham; Aljedi, Malak; Salahat, Anas (2018)
      An-Najah National University is a vibrant hub of learning and evolving. In 2014 CELT community at NNU has commenced its new initiative “Community-Based Learning” program. The main aim of the CBL program is to deviate from ...

      Dawod, Shahd; Qanaze, Mohamed (2022)
      context: With the development of technology and the means of modern technology, the combination of medical aspects and technology has become a necessity for a quick and accurate diagnosis of emergencies and other diseases. ...
    • CNC Drawing machine 

      Zaid, Nadia; Sadi, Farah; Bani Maneyyah, Mahmoud (2018)
      The project aims to control CNC Drawing Machine which has been designed as a part of the project by computer through programming language (gcode, arduino).
    • Code Vision 

      Hassan, Basil; Anabtawi, Saeed (2017)
      In this project, we used different source code plagiarism detection methods such as Structure-based and keyword based to compare the accuracy and their ability to solve the problem. We build a modular scalable system that ...
    • Comparative Analysis of Routing Protocols for UnderWater Wireless Sensor Networks 

      Mikkawi, Aisha; Joudeh, Hala (2018)
      The communication range of underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) is limited, and the nodes are equipped with limited power battery whose replacement is expensive due to underwater harsh environment. Moreover, the ...
    • Comparison between VANET Models 

      Ishtaya, Abd Alwahab i; Alshekh, Anas; Freehat, Abd Alraheem (2018)
      Abstract-In the last few years, more and more vehicles are on the road, this leads to more challenges. For example, narrow roads leads to huge traffic congestion, more fuel consumption, emissions and more citizens getting ...
    • The Correlation Between the Academic Achievements Of Students In Both School And University Stages 

      Abu Alhawa, Shatha; Hinnawi, Ahd (2018)
      A critical issue facing universities in Palestine is allocating students’ majors by the factor of the final high school grade (Tawjihi), therefore many students choose their majors according to their final grade rather ...