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    • Active virtal Circuit 

      Issa, Tariq; Omar, Husam (2017)
      This project implements SDN controller that attain high quality connections between two hosts with achieve bandwidth requirements, by Dijkistra Algorithm, and make flows.
    • Autocraft 

      Motasem, Aghbar (2017)
      Architectural designers commonly use three-dimensional drawings for visualizing and simulation. But drawings are always provided in 2D, and designers ought to reconstruct with their hands and imagination the 3D CAD. ...
    • Car Diagnostic System 

      Awadeh, Raghad; Rudab, Abu Yaqoub; Alya, Al Haj Ahmed (2017)
      The basic idea of the project is to diagnose problems in cars and give a predefined solution on how to repair the problems in Arabic language. Mechanics in Arab world, face the problem of dealing with the English version, ...
    • Code Vision 

      Hassan, Basil; Anabtawi, Saeed (2017)
      In this project, we used different source code plagiarism detection methods such as Structure-based and keyword based to compare the accuracy and their ability to solve the problem. We build a modular scalable system that ...
    • Dystopia 

      Radwan, Amjad; Hazeem, Iyad; Halabi, Haytham (2017)
      DYSOPIA is a virtual reality game that designed for personal computers, and it considered as adventure and fantasy game that the player uses first person shooter system, DYSOPIAhas a features that’s make it a strong game ...
    • E-menu Berlin 

      BaselNajjar; Islam Taha (2017)
      Electronic system ,that enables the customers to order food online and enhance the performance of restaurant by using tablets on the tables instead of ordinary menu.The system provide a new and interesting experience for ...
    • EverMatch social network 

      Fayhaa Awad; Ihab Sameer Haji; Maram shawkat Omaria (2013)
      In EverMatch system we exploit social networks technology  to provide and improve service provided from current social networks usual website systems and make user  obtain useful services without need exhausting ...
    • Exchange Book 

      AL-Gohrbiya, Mahmood; Asmar., Noor (2017)
      Our project, Web + Android, helps students to exchange books among themselves to save money with the help of some features such as Firebase and GPs to facilitate the exchange between students or find the books that students ...
    • Fire Ball 

      Mohammad Abu Hasan; OdayAshour (2016)
      Fireball is a 2.5D game with a story theme to make it appealing and interesting for the player. It will have the defensive concept. Featuring 3D graphics, yet its gameplay is restricted to a 2D plane where the game action ...

      Mohammad Abdullah Saleh Swedan; Ahmed Mammon Mohammad Swedan (2013)
    • GrandPharm app 

      Yasmin Khalaf; Rowa'a Shtayyeh (2016)
      GrandPharm appGrandPharm is an android application, provides users with detailed, accurate and reliable medical information and help users to find the closest pharmacy according to his/her current location. In addition to ...
    • Graphics Editor 

      Ameer S AbuTaha; Mahmoud Al-kayal; Mahmoud A Kirresh (2016)
      Analyzing a raster image to convert its pixels representation to a vector representation the basic assumption is that such a vector representation is more suitable for further interpretation of the image to get  an ...
    • Hey Taxi 

      Ahmad Rayyan; Noor Azab; Laith Mahameed (2016)
      The idea of the project is to supply an application to the customers it will be installed on the phones by (android) system, and the application allows the customers to get there needs (access the taxi to them) easily, and ...
    • Insight 

      Abu Dheir, Saleem; Jabi, Ahmad; Shakhsheer, Yazan (2017)
      Because of increasing of social media users and express there feeling in these web site , Companies nowadays have too many clients following them on various social media platforms, therefore, the natural next-step for ...
    • Mobile Cash 

      Imad H. Daifallah; Laith F. Abu-Zaineh. (2016)
      A new cross platform application that provides users the ability to make transactions using smartphones, snatch every flash deal, outgoings and in-comings reports, sharing balance among family members, and provides users ...
    • NumSearch 

      Qadri, Hoor; Al-Saleh, Nisreen (2017)
      Using the ordinary search engines to look for a specific number is time consuming , the user must search through numerous sources to get what he is looking for, and only in rare cases the user actually find clear and ...
    • Online Rental Cars 

      Ulfat Abu Sarris.; Manal Mustafa. (2013)
      Car Rental is an all-in-one car rental service that will compare the Palestine's leading car rental providers in order to provide you with the best deals for car rentals.. We want to ensure our customers have access to ...
    • Palestinian Online Market 

      Al-daqqa, Murad; daqqa, Qasem; Majjed, saleh (2017)
      In this project we will study the building of an electronic website and Mobile application .The aim of this is managing the distributed of the company's products through adding categories ,products ,unification of prices ...
    • Pharmacy Management System PMS 

      Abd Alrhman Banimatter; Ahmad Borhan Daraghmeh (2016)
       Pharmacy Management System (PMS) is a software to manage pharmacy work contain two Apps. First App is a desktop application designed to work in the pharmacy ,this app provides sale process , insert incoming goods ...
    • Planshot 

      sha'ar, Lamees; Attallah, Motaz; Jammal, Ahamad (2017)
      The artificial intelligence technique for automatic detection and classification is very important factor to prevent disease outbreaks. By using image processing techniques. Most plant disease are caused by Fungi, bacteria ...