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    • Cache Simulator 

      Razi AL-sayed; Mohammed Abu-jamous (2005)
      This thesis describes the design and implementation of the MLCacheSim, a cache simulator program. This product is designed to give the computer researchers, designers and students the ability to monitor cache systems ...
    • Replication Enviroment Manager 

      Youssef Hammoudeh; Deema Sawalha (2005)
      The main idea in the project is constructing a banking environment system that uses the replication as method of sharing data between several data-servers. As the purpose of replication, is to manipulate the data required ...
    • World Travel 

      Iyad Ramlawi; Waseem Mustafa (2005)
      our site "World Travel" to provide traveling services around the world, the traveling services include online car rent service, flight tickets service, hotel reservation service. Also we provide the dynamic administration ...
    • Hospital System 

      Ayman Wahbeh (2005)
    • Remote Control System 

      Ala'a Deeb; Mohammad Yasin (2005)
      It's a web application software  with two sides (server side and client side) and complex database structures and graphic editor to build systems hierarchically and make it easy to monitoring and controlling them ...
    • Control Lighting System 

      Samer Mustafa Alsaid; Mohanned Tahseen Salameh (2005)
      Lighting System Control  consists of  a control system  through a computer (also by using PIC controller )and light to control it.This project contain group of chips that share to implement a big system of ...
    • Database System for An-Najah University 

      Banan Al-Wadi; Khalid Al-Sayyed (2005)
    • School Time Table. 

      Mahmoud Sleman.; Tawfiq Humidi (2005)
      In our graduation project we try to solve school timetable problem by building software called it Best Solution program that overcome school timetable problem. The main idea is to build algorithm for scheduling in optimal ...
    • Car Tracked Via Mouse 

      Fadi Talib Rob'a.; Shawqi Fuad Kojok (2006)
      We designed and created a software-based graphical control interface for control car   tracked via mouse ,the car controlled from computer serially  through the mouse  eg.when you move mouse right  ...
    • Remote Control System 

      Mohammad Yasin; Alaa Deeb (2006)
      It's a web application software  with two sides (server side and client side) and complex database structures and graphic editor to build systems hierarchically and make it easy to monitoring and controlling them ...
    • Computerized Gas station 

      Muhammad Addas; Ramez Dmaidi (2006)
      In this project we tried to design full computerized Gas station  without employees in station, this station is one of  multiple networked units. Each unit is connected serially with PC In which enough ...
    • Home Control and Security via Telephone Lines 

      Majdi Zalmout; Mohammad Jarrar (2006)
      The objective of this project is to design a system that will enable the user to activate electrical home appliances remotely via telephone lines, and at the same time acts as a security system in the house.
    • Flying Simulation 

      Allam Fatayer; Allam Yaish (2006)
      Biologists and control theorists have become intrigued by the way birds fly in formation, Birds are able to fly extremely close to each other and hold their relativePositions in the flock far better than, for example, ...
    • Electronic Hotel 

      Abdallah Radi Mohammad Mustafa; Baha' Mohammad Mansor Atereh (2006)
      Electronic Hotel is designed to help the Manager of hotel, employee in reception and customer in room, which meets the customer's satisfaction.The hotel that use classic way for dealing with its services it will spend long ...
    • Irrigation System Project (CISP) 

      Ala' Eddin Menwer; Ala' Eddin Khader (2006)
      From the importance of Agriculture for the Palestinian Economy and life and the vast problems it suffers from we wanted to make a practical and useful graduation project for Computer Engineering department at An-Najah ...
    • Home Security and Automation 

      Nuha Ghannam; Yusra Abd Alhaq (2006)
      Telephone in our days is the most popular device for communications, and because of that, developers decided to take more advantages from this service, instead of being a way of communication between people. Telephone's ...
    • Medical Alarm 

      Ibrahim Amereah; Abdallah Radi (2006)
      The Medical Alarm is an electronic medicine alarm, The idea of the project  is due to the fact that most people  specially the old men and women forget to take their medicine on time, which may cause loses may ...
    • The ADXL202 Application (Car SpeedoMeter)l 

      Othman Mohammad Othman; Mohammad Ameen Salman (2006)
      The main idea in this project is to find some new aspects , new things & to get rid of the traditional control through the micro controller.It is made to measure the speed of any moving vehicle without having to plug ...
    • Distributed File SystemOver Windows 

      Iyad Ibsais; Jamal Abdul-Haq (2006)
      Making a distributed file system over the Windows environment is getting more and more importance, specially in the labs, companies, and any place where a network exists because of the need to access any file any where in ...

      Muna Ayesh (2006)