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    • Xcell 

      Tamara Bakeer; Reem Abo_shamma (2009)
      In our project we use-visual studio 2008 SmartCliente sql server 2005We develop a component (Xcell)that is compatible with Microsoft excel program ,which the user can get from a web server free ...
    • XTcms , Educational content management system. 

      Yassin 'Mohammad Naji' HajAhmad; Ja'far Sameer Abosair (2009)
      eXtreme is a full utility studio that can customize and personalize an educational system to work on the net with a given specifications to perform as work flow system or official website to any learning concerned organizations ...
    • Zajel of Palestinian Schools 

      Fadi Omar; Hussein Ghanem (2008)
      Our Project is a site for schools in Palestine , it concern with all schools in our country , How & Why ?  We decide d to work with this idea because there isnt any real site up to these days concern with schools ...