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    • U Sketch 

      Mai Abushamma; Rawan AbuZahra; Zainab Imran (2014)
      Our project is a framework to facilitate building several applications converting the surfaces into interactive ones. Our system uses the Kinect and the WII technologies to convert the white board the teacher uses into ...
    • Ultrasonic Vision System 

      Haneen HajQasem; Sawsan Dweikat (2010)
      The ultrasonic  vision system enables a person to navigate hallways and around large objects without sight, through the use of an ultrasonic rangefinder that  interfaces with the user via tiny vibrating motors ...
    • University Internet Student Registration System 

      Ahmad Badawi; Ahmad Abu Omar (2006)
    • USB Electro-Kit 

      Jafar T. Hajeer; Mohammad Sh. Khalaf (2007)
      As a requirement to get the bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, students are required to perform a hardware graduation project. We were free to choose a project using one of the modern technologies in computer world.
    • USB Electro-Kit 

      Jafar T. Hajeer; Mohammad Sh. Khalaf (2008)
    • USB Oscilloscope &Digital Multimeter 

      Murad Salman; Mohamad Masoud (2009)
      This one's an oscilloscope connected to a computer using the USB bus. This is probably the cheapest oscilloscope on the market, but maybe also the worst... The scope can only record 15479 samples per second.
    • User Mangmant system 

      Sadiq saeed Al-Hajj; Othman Omar (2006)
    • Vehicles access control 

      Mohammad Hilal; Asma Jabr (2008)
      The systems allows controlling the access of vehicles to a university, company, or any institution. The system allows only the registered objects to access  automatically and stores their access time in a database,  ...
    • VENUS Compiler & Simulator 

      Osama Tawfiq Al-Aqel; Firas Zahi Shakaa (2009)
      Abstract Computer Architecture is one of the most important fields in Computer and IT study which includes the internal infrastructure of the computer such that: processor, memory, IO, cashes, etc.   The most important ...
    • The Vertex Car 

      Wafa N. Adham; Manar L. Qamhieh (2008)
      Our project consists mainly from 3 parts, the car that will be controlled through thisproject, the virtual hand that will control the car and the wireless modules that thecommands will be transmitted through.The car has ...
    • VGA Test Box 

      Alaa Namoos; Zeina Abu Eisheh (2008)
      For quite some time We've been wanting to create a device that outputs VGA signals. main goal was of course to be able to display whatever we wanted on the monitor we was currently using.After extensively researching to ...
    • Video game 

      Sadiq Al-Haj; M.Abu-baker (2007)
      It is a game on the TV using microcontroller PIC16F84, we will focus on how to design this project, its components, interfacing it with TV, how to generate signals using a simple assembly code, and we will describe ...
    • Virtual Classroom 

      Jafar Yasin; Hussam Salameh (2011)
      Virtual class room is an e-learning project that enables the traditional teaching process to be done using a website through internet. The virtual class room helps students to attend their lectures from anywhere in the ...
    • Virtual Classroom 

      Hussam Salameh; Jafar Yasin (2012)
      Virtual class room is an e-learning project that enables the traditional teaching process to be done using a website through internet.The virtual class room helps students to attend their lectures from anywhere in the ...
    • Virtual Interactive Physics Lab (VIP Lab) 

      Raneen Younis; Rawan Masri (2015)
      As the world is heading to utilize the Technology in all aspects of life and the Smartphone applications are dominating a huge section of the market, many parties are seeking to get the advantage of this technological ...
    • Voice Encryption 

      Tawfiq hamidi; Mahmmoud Saleman (2007)
       The project: is to encrypt the voice and decrypting it using hardware.The main steps:1. Take the voice from microphone.2. Convert it to digital value.3. Encrypt it using Encryption algorithm with secret ...
    • VoIP Switchboard 

      Emad W. Ashour; Rami E. Shobi (2008)
       Overview:VoIP is shortcut for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it is the technology of transferring voice through network (LAN, Internet,etc,).Nowadays, VoIP become a popular technology with about 1.1 million user's ...
    • VR Robot Tank 

      Abu Jalboosh, Moath; Hamayel, Saleh (2017)
      The main goal of technology these days is to make life as easy as possible and keep people away from danger, that's why robots become more and more advanced by the time. So, VR Robot Tank project aims to achieve that goal ...
    • Water Screen 

      Anas M. N. Khraim; Mahmoud A. M. Sharaf (2012)
      Since advertising is an important form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to continue or take some new action, we can find a large number of firms that compete to ...
    • Waterfall Printer 

      Baba, Suhaib; Nassar, Mahdi (2017)
      In the second project, we will build a waterfall printer model to make write and print images by controlling waterfall through interruptions of water flow. The images and control will be done using Arduino microcontroller. ...