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    • Safe Driving 

      Abu-Hijleh, Nour; Mahamdeh, Raya (2019)
      Drowsy driving is considered a major problem. The danger, and often tragic results of drowsy driving are alarming. Drowsy driving happens when a driver has not slept enough, but it can also happen due to other reasons ...
    • Safe Medication 

      Yaqeen Salatneh; Lara Sabbah (2014)
       ABSTRACT Over the counter medicines are considered the most popular by people, and could be bought without consulting physician. At the same time it could be active and relief when it is taken with a limited dose, ...
    • Safety Online System 

      Razan Jaber; Nagham Hamad (2011)
    • Sanitary Village Project 

      Hajji, Raghad; Salous, Aya (2017)
      In recent years, many of modern countries tries to make its environment healthier and follow all safety rule to decrease some kinds of diseases and catastrophe as we dream our committee to be. Unfortunately, our environment ...
    • SBox 

      WafaN.Adham; ManarL.Q amh ieh (2008)
      SBox [Student  Box],  is  a  unique  package that enables  the  students  to  interact  with  their  instructors  any  time  anywhere, ...
    • scanner translator 

      Abed Al-hadi kulib (2011)
      Our own graduation project is a text scanner translator that is used for scanning English texts and then it can translate the text to Arabic language. The project contains three main parts here is the main parts1)Camera: ...
    • School System 

      Asma Al-Saqa; Shereen Yaseen (2006)
    • School Time Table. 

      Mahmoud Sleman.; Tawfiq Humidi (2005)
      In our graduation project we try to solve school timetable problem by building software called it Best Solution program that overcome school timetable problem. The main idea is to build algorithm for scheduling in optimal ...
    • SCORM Compliant Authoring Tool 

      Sameer Alawnah; Hytham Swalhi (2009)
    • Search Engine Applications Set 

      Nuha Ghannam; Yusra Abd alhaq (2007)
      Our project consists of three major elements, two server sides and a client side1. The core of the project which is the Spider ,and we have two version of the spider , the first which is the main works all the time ...
    • Self Driven Car 

      Izzat Kukhon; Ammar Haj Hamad (2014)
      This main idea of this project is to emulate Self Driven Car System, so that in this project we will try to emulate the proper car's response to traffic signs and laws. The project module represents a tool that can be used ...
    • Self Parking 

      Yaqeen Salatneh; Lara Sabbah (2014)
      Abstract:Self parking aims to make what was once difficult to perform an easy task for the average individual. So the project consist of  designing  a car that parks itself without the need for a driver, the car ...
    • Semi-Autonomous Car 

      Sahar, Qawareeq; Deema, Hamdan (2017)
      Because time is valuable and essential and to avoid spending employee time in Places that contain delivery services, Semi Autonomous car does the job, if there are goods should be reached to a specific place instead of ...
    • Sensor Controlled Animatronic Hand 

      Ghaleb Dweikat; Hassan Arafat (2016)
      Animatronics is a rapidly improving field of research with many published papers and even more prototypes and real life applications all over the world (And outside of it, in space). As a result of our project, we come out ...
    • Service Car 

      Mahmood, AbuSamaha; Tamer, Nana (2017)
      In companies, employees and managers send and receive papers and other stuff among each other. It is, sometimes, the job of some other employee to take these deliverable items and send them. When there are several orders ...
    • ShakeWake 

      Nariman Abu Sneineh; Ala Saleh (2014)
      Sleeping plays a vital role in good health throughout human beings lives. Moreover, nobody denies the difficulties of waking up every morning whatever were the difficulties represented by either the hearing problems or the ...
    • ShareKit 

      Nariman Abu Sneineh; Ala Saleh (2014)
      The university students face a frequent and real problem after each semester has finished which they have a lot of stuff they don't know what they should do with! On the other hand, most of the students suffer from finding ...
    • Shopping for the blind 

      Khaled, kayed; Mostafa, aalsher (2017)
      Our project is a system that can blind shopping without the need to help, as the product names be stored on RFID chips , and the blind using a device to read the products and taking them out in the form of voice, and as a ...
    • Shuzi 

      Bushkar, Yaqeen; Isleem, Tala (2018)
      This project is smart shoes, for all people in general and specially for athletes. It has a lot of functionalities to help its owner in his journey, for example, it calculates number of steps, the distance, calories that ...
    • Sign For Me 

      Wala Hamad; Khayrieh Homran (2016)
      As smart mobile technologies started to be more advanced, it becomes important to deploy this advanced technology to make the communication between hearing impaired and other hearing people, who do not understand sign ...