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    • Q&A Project 

      Taha shashtari; Mahmoud shakaa (2016)
      The idea of this project came from watching some students struggling with difficulties in their learning process and academic life. While there are other web apps that try providing ways to solve such a problem, they are ...
    • Quad-Copter 

      Ahmad Shwahna; Shadi Awad (2012)
    • Quick Services 

      Wala Amjad Faqeh (2011)
      We have developed mobile application . This project must get all information that considers important part in our life such as news, currency and weather. So must supply this information in fast and cheap method. The ...
    • Quran Website 

      Thaer Thaher (2006)
    • Radio Automation 

      Ibrahim Dwaikat; Mais Abu-Higleh (2008)
      IRAS, Internet Radio Automation System. It provides a solution for the Radio Stations to broadcast the programs, songs, spots and other things without the need for managing these things manually. It is a software that works ...
    • Railway controlling 

      Abir T. Sabra.; Iman A. Shtayeh (2011)
      The idea of our project is to apply an idea of controlling railway system.We have used a module of rail and trains and we have achieved our goals, we wish applying this idea in real life in our country Palestine.
    • Rainbow 

      Aya Dwikat; Weam Obaid (2016)
      Our project is a cross-platform application that is designed to give children a fun and informative learning environment. Instead of downloading some pure fun applications or applications with a single purpose, and rather ...
    • Rapid Shopping 

      Abed Al Rahman .k. Mahajneh (2009)
    • Record & Repeat Robotic Arm 

      Al Saed, Zaina; Mahamdah, Nada (2018)
      Nowadays, technology is developing in parallel with rapidly increasing human needs. The new advancements done to meet such needs makes life easier every day and this Project suggests a very efficient solution in many ...
    • Remote Control System 

      Mohammad Yasin; Alaa Deeb (2006)
      It's a web application software  with two sides (server side and client side) and complex database structures and graphic editor to build systems hierarchically and make it easy to monitoring and controlling them ...
    • Remote Control System 

      Ala'a Deeb; Mohammad Yasin (2005)
      It's a web application software  with two sides (server side and client side) and complex database structures and graphic editor to build systems hierarchically and make it easy to monitoring and controlling them ...
    • Remote Controlled Submarine 

      Osama Abu Omar; Hakam Risheh (2015)
      The project is a Remote Controlled Submarine that can be deployed for many uses underwater. The submarine itself has multiple motors with propellers and can moves in three dimensions, it is directed and controlled via a ...
    • Remote Controller 

      I'tidal Rashdan; Yasmeen Amer (2014)
      In this project the objective was making a remote controller of a computer from a mobile phone.   The main features have to be being able to see desktop image and its changes through mobile phone, also being able ...
    • Remote Pc Controlled By Mobile Via Bluetooth 

      Jehad Mousa Khlouf; Muhammed Othman Jaradat (2009)
    • Replication Enviroment Manager 

      Youssef Hammoudeh; Deema Sawalha (2005)
      The main idea in the project is constructing a banking environment system that uses the replication as method of sharing data between several data-servers. As the purpose of replication, is to manipulate the data required ...
    • Restaurant IOS Mobile Application 

      Ghadeer Riyad Joma; Shatha Mahmoud Rabaia. (2014)
      ABSTRACTBecause of the high prevalence of mobile phone , platforms like Android and IOS etc., and the multiplicity of their applications that target mostly is to make the user's life easier and more organized proportional ...
    • Restaurant Project 

      Mohammad Assaf (2010)
      Nowadays all the organizations in all the word, goes  to use the technology in their daily processes, in order to manage and simply maintain their works and process, this make  the organization more dynamic and ...
    • RFID Reader 

      Ahmad Adel Rahwan; Asem Fathi Shtahey (2010)
      Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags.Its used for security applications and in tracking systems where ...

      Sama Jomaa; Zain Al Ardah (2013)
      Our project consists of building a 3 dimensional LED array "this cube will consist of three colors" that will be able to display various graphics through the concept of persistence of vision. The cube is also sensitive to ...
    • Rick 

      Kharma, Ameen; Shayeb, Sohaib (2018)
      Rick is a mobile robotic platform that uses your smartphone as its brain, Rick becomes a friend robotic avatar that detecting your face by rotating and tilting. and it can understand some human commands using voice ...