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    • Ibn Battuta GIS System 

      Sondos Antari; Sondos Salama (2016)
      Our project aims to create a fully functioning GIS system for Palestine. The worldly common GIS systems tend to miss a lot of important details when it comes to Palestine- not to mention that its rarely up to date. Our ...
    • Ic detector 

      Ayman Huseen; Thaer Darweesh (2007)
            datasheet pins   ( Vcc  Gnd ) ic  ... . 
    • iLock 

      Belal Mazen Qaddara; Mohammed Wajeeh Abu Aisha (2013)
      iLockis a System designed for house door controlling implemented with many features that make owners  of houses  to have full control on their doors and in addition to that iLock provide  security on the ...
    • InfraRed Chat System 

      Ammar Muna; Hisham Hamayel (2006)
    • Injured Robot Learns to Walk 

      Saleh, Dia; Shanti, Mazen (2017)
      Almost every robot has problems with being in balance and moving on an accurate way. Also, making a walking robot could be a complex problem because of the necessary to study the robot specific design and to study the ...
    • Insects Killer 

      Odeh, Aladdin; Masood, Abdul-Aziz (2017)
      Insects are a nuisance that usually spreads in the summer. Although some insects are harmless, there are a large number of them that may cause death. So, it's good to have a robot search for insects and get rid of them ...
    • Integrated Multimedia Website 

      Mohammad Zahlan; Aghyad M. Saleh (2007)
      The project is an integrated multimedia website based in its design & functionality on PHP and MySQL mainly, with the assistance of html, xhtml, javascript & CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets).The server side which we ...
    • Intelli-Diet 

      Dalal I. Mughrabi; Jumanah H. Qasrawi (2013)
    • intelli-Diet 

      Hanin Mizyed; Razan Qraini (2014)
      Intelli-Diet is a calorie tracker application. It can help you reach your diet, weight loss and fitness goals by tracking your daily calories and exercise. Lose weight easily by setting your weight goals and track your ...
    • Intelligence Crane 

      Maysoon Ashayer; Muna Sholi (2013)
      Robots are famous and mostly used at these days; this is due to the large benefit resulting in various fields and at all levels. In addition to the possibility of the development of significantly. Therefore we have made ...
    • Interactive Story Studio (ISS) 

      Samah Ktaifan; Dana Yasin (2015)
      Our project was to design a system that enables storytellers to build interactive stories that runs on iOS and android without any programming expertise.An interactive story is one that allows kids to interact with all the ...
    • IOS Mobile Application- 

      Rania Sabra; Deema Zayed (2014)
      If we look around we can see the huge and significant place that Smart phones and their applications take in our life, in markets schools universities and homes, users of these applications can reach their requested data ...
    • Irrigation System Project (CISP) 

      Ala' Eddin Menwer; Ala' Eddin Khader (2006)
      From the importance of Agriculture for the Palestinian Economy and life and the vast problems it suffers from we wanted to make a practical and useful graduation project for Computer Engineering department at An-Najah ...
    • Jackaroo Game 

      Azhari, Lutfi; Asedeh, Tariq (2017)
      Currently we're witnessing an increase in people who play electronic games, and there are those who still play traditional games like card games. Those traditional games are now becoming more and more popular when we use ...
    • JOmi Application (Java Code Analyzer) 

      Haneen Qasem Al-Haj Qasem (2010)
      Jomi is a Java Code Analyzer which include a variety of standard rules in java programming .Jomi is used to detect violations in rules ,since the need to know the violations in large code with thousands of line is highly ...
    • JVI-Recruitment website 

      Marah Adas.; Abeer Hannoon (2009)
      Our website named JVI which stands for Job Via  Internet , it is Recruitment website.In our website we have both job seeker and employer, job seekers who are searching for jobs, and the employer posts as many jobs as he need.
    • Keep A live_A Multiplayer FPS Game 

      Amer Iskander; Hamza Abuzahra (2015)
      The PC games market is the largest market in the gaming world, so we decide to enter this market and to compete through publishing a multi-player First-Person shooter game. Our game allows players to compete with each ...
    • Kids Tracker Bracelet 

      Masood, Rawzan; Abd el-Haq, Yasmeen (2017)
      Parenting comes with a wide range of challenges but basically the hardest challenge of all is ensuring that their kids are safe even when they’re out of sight. As kids grow, they seek to explore the world around them, ...
    • Kinect Virtual Reality System (K-VRS ) 

      Belal Mazen Qaddara; Mohammed Wajeeh Abu-Aisha (2013)
      K-VRS is a software application based on the Virtual Reality that uses Kinect to give player the sense of fun and entertainment and an immersiveinteractive experience when playing FPS games, by using the users body movement ...
    • Kmachine 

      Hattab, Nizzar; Abu Zaitoun, Anas (2019)
      Automation has always been something that humans seek, making their lives easier and having less things to worry about, thus emerged the concept of Internet of Things (IoT), which -in short- is a system of devices all ...