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    • Hand Gesture-Controlled Car Robot 

      Helo, Reham; Mousa, Isra (2017)
      In many application of controlling robotic gadget, it becomes quite hard and complicated when there comes the part of controlling it with remote or many different switches, a new concept is introduced to control the machine ...
    • Hand Gesture-Controlled Car Robot 

      Helo., Reham; Shaheen, Aya (2017)
      In many application of controlling robotic gadget, it becomes quite hard and complicated when there comes the part of controlling it with remote or many different switches, a new concept is introduced to control the machine ...
    • Hand Gestures Controlled Robot 

      Rabay’ah, Samah; Rabay’ah, Maha (2017)
      It is wonderful that everything is controlled remotely, without the need to move from your place or exert any effort. Keeping up with this technological development, there are many devices that can be controlled remotely ...
    • Hand Gestures Recognition Applications 

      Suad Seirafy; Fatima Zubaidi (2011)
      This project presents an approach to develop a real-time hand gesture recognition based in Vision Based that uses only a webcam and ComputerVision technology, such as image processing that can recognize several gestures ...
    • Handy 

      Aghbar, Emad; Abdalraziq, Mohammad (2017)
      Handy is smart glove that tends to make usage of projector easier, more fun, functional and interactive, as it provides a controlling mechanism by hand motion and gestures to send commands to computer enabling the user to ...
    • Haptic Glove 

      Eman M. Masarweh; Yaman A. Salman (2012)
      As computer technologies improve year by year, advanced and intuitive user interfaces become increasingly necessary to allow proper manipulation of various types of programs, in different fields and markets. In the case ...
    • Health & Fitness TrackerAndroid Mobile Application 

      Shahd Aseedah; Tahreer Daoud (2013)
      "GoActive" project comes with the solution for a tremendous people need around the world to have a healthy body. It gives an all-in-one android application that helps tracking the user weight, food intake, fitness goals ...
    • Health Band 

      Mohammad Diab; Bashar Jodeh (2015)
      Nowadays, scientists are developing new technologies to help humans in their life. At the beginning, they started developing the smallest possible computer, and then they started developing smart phones, and now they are ...
    • Healthy life style 

      Abdullah Melhem; Samer Sweileh (2014)
      The need for healthy life is important thing for any human, to live a healthy life free from diseases and problems, we must know how to choose the right food and how to organize our meals, and see if this food is appropriate ...
    • Heartbeats Monitor. 

      Mohammad Zorba; Mohammad Zahlan (2007)
      The goal of this project is to build a system to measure the number of heartbeats per minute of any person who want to measure the speed of his blood flow that fits comfortably into daily living.After putting the finger ...
    • Holy Quran Application 

      Alaa Abu Odeh; Israa Hinnawi (2013)
      Our project is an application in iOS technology. This application is an electronic (simulation) of the Holy Quran , and built  to facilitate the reading of the Quran and/or to listening it .   Quran application ...
    • Home automation by Bluetooth technology. 

      Lubna Kino; Oraib Jaradat (2008)

      Arij Abu Obaid; Nahreen Ameen (2007)
      Our project is very important for these days because of many works in our life.You can control your room from any where especially that the telephone now is discrete every place and every where,So you can go any where you ...
    • Home Automation System 

      Sayeh, Raghad; Abdulghani, Azza (2018)
      Home automation in general designed for controlling devices and appliances in home remotely and automatically from a mobile phone or any PC. Home automation systems become so popular in recent years due to many reasons ...
    • Home Control 

      Oday Jihad Ibrahim; Tariq Ziad Yameen (2013)
      The goal of the project is to control the home devices using twitter or Facebook (social web sites). Also it can be as fire and stolen alarm system. We using the arduino microcontroller which contains GPRS/GSM Shield to ...
    • Home Control and Security via Telephone Lines 

      Majdi Zalmout; Mohammad Jarrar (2006)
      The objective of this project is to design a system that will enable the user to activate electrical home appliances remotely via telephone lines, and at the same time acts as a security system in the house.
    • Home Control System 

      Mohammad Abu Al-Wafah (2008)
      Since many years ago, human still seeking about any such development which could make his live easiest and flexible.Never can any one live nowadays without using technology or any part from it such that mobiles, computers ...
    • Home Nursing System for Babies 

      Rania Sabra; Deema Zayed (2014)
       Our project provides easy, cheap and comfortable way to take care of the new babies and monitor them at home where it overcome all the difficulties and extra fees consequent on the family if they keep their babies ...
    • Home Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

      Jawabreh, Sudqi; Abukhader, Laith (2017)
      home cleaning robot is a robot that navigate through the house and clean it .the robot tries to solve the tedious everyday work of cleaning the room with a vacuum cleaner. the main objective of the robot sweep all the house ...
    • Home Security and Automation 

      Nuha Ghannam; Yusra Abd Alhaq (2006)
      Telephone in our days is the most popular device for communications, and because of that, developers decided to take more advantages from this service, instead of being a way of communication between people. Telephone's ...