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    • Database System for An-Najah University 

      Banan Al-Wadi; Khalid Al-Sayyed (2005)
    • Distributed File SystemOver Windows 

      Iyad Ibsais; Jamal Abdul-Haq (2006)
      Making a distributed file system over the Windows environment is getting more and more importance, specially in the labs, companies, and any place where a network exists because of the need to access any file any where in ...
    • Document Flow in Najah University 

      Maymoona ishtaya; Neda Abd Alrazeq (2008)
      Electronic document management system is powerful  ,integrated application that contains record management processes for document filing and organization ,secure storing , and easy retrieval and viewing.Our project ...
    • Document Scanner 

      Hiba Shabib; Khawla Daghlass (2013)
      Our project made to make scanning document in any size paper easier. The user has to take photos for the document and wait for the application to stitch it and show the result in one photo. Then if we have a text in a ...
    • Drawing Robot 

      Hedaya Omar; Isra Abdulhaq (2013)
      Our project is a drawing robot that draws shapes like a circle, Rectangle and letters etc. We remotely send the object that we want to draw, and then the robot will draw it on the paper. The importance of our project is ...
    • DTMF Encoder/Decoder 

      Areen Salman; Zina Abu_abed (2008)
      What is DTMF and how its generate and decode and if it have real application.DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) or informally named as Touch Tone. Which allocation of a unique tone to each button on an appliance (made up of ...
    • E- Clinic System 

      Salsabeel Ahmad AL-Taha; Maram Fathi Balatia (2014)
      AbstractThe system is a web-site project that represents online medical site. we prepared the system to include many activities, in our project we design and implement the system to be able to add any hospital, pharmacy, ...
    • E-Blood Bank 

      Marwah Abu-El Ola; Noor Diyab (2010)
      Almost all serious health issues use blood donated by people to save lives. Blood that is donated last a little more than 40 days. Then it must be disposed of. That means we need to constantly replenish the blood so it is ...
    • E-commerce 

      Mohammed amer (2008)
    • E-Commerce Website 

      Mohammad Abu Al Wafa; Malek Zagal (2008)
    • E-learning Application For Physics 101 Material 

      Raed Khelfa; Moneef Qaffaf (2007)
      At first we started our project which was a PC 3D game (First Person Shooter) using Torque Engine, but the problem was that the Engine contained many fatal bugs which were so hard to Debug , so we had to switch the project ...
    • E-Pharmacy 

      Fayez Haj Mohammad; Hasan Al-Nahawy (2010)
       In Our project we implemented an idea that talks about multiple pharmacies connected with multiple agents ,multiple officer and one administrator ,these agents work for multiple companies and all of them connected ...
    • E-School 

      Fadi Nairat; Mohamad Barhm (2010)
      In general our project not dedicated for one school, its connect a network of schools in one database and one control panel .Nearly all schools this a day are not electronic, and that mean so difficult operations for all ...
    • E-Voting System (Online) 

      Zain Jamal Al Ardah; Renan Waleed Atrash (2013)
              Election is a legitimate right of every citizen to choose his representative and to express their preferences and how they are governed. So the election process must be sufficiently ...
    • E_ commerce Website 

      Mona Abed Alghani; Ghada Kettani (2006)
      This E-Commerce WebSite target is to Help Customers finding all their needs in one place..All things in this website is completely dynamic so that any one can be an administrator for this website although if he dose not ...

      Mohammed Al_aswad (2007)
    • EBay 

      Mohammed Shukri Khalaf; Mohammed Hikmat Hilal (2008)
    • ECG Acquisition System 

      Mayy K.Abdul Hadi; Samah Mustafa (2008)
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    • ECG machine 

      Neda Abd Alrazeq; Maymoona ishtay (2008)
      Our project is to build ECG machine that take 3 point from the human body using electrodes and enter this small voltage to amplification circuit in order to give voltage signal that can be introduce.So our project depend ...
    • Educational School Management 

      Salman Shtayeh (2010)
      ESM is a website designed for managing school data and information, it helps the schools headmaster and all teachers to store and save the students information and their grades, and so this system helps the students and ...