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    • Balanduino 

      Mabrouk, Nardeen; Kalboneh, Nadeen (2017)
      Since childhood, we have been trying to balance various objects like balancing stick on ground, walking on a narrow wall, cycling, etc. And there are similar examples ,which can be qouted from industrial applications and ...
    • Ball Balancing 

      Abu-Abiah, Iman; Khalili, Aya (2018)
      This project aims to balance a ball on a plate by keeping it on the surface and preventing falling. The most challenges that we faced how to balance the ball and how to sense the ball position in an accurate way and how ...
    • Ball Collecting Robot 

      wala Hamad; Khayrieh Homran (2016)
      Our Project is a smart ball collecting robot that analyzes its surrounding, detects existing ball objects and collects them to specific known point.   Ball Collector robot consists of two parts; the first part is ...
    • Ball Collecting Robot 

      Wala Hamad; Khayrieh Homran (2016)
      .. .     .      . . . . .    configuring Raspberry Pi kit python ...
    • Ball Tracking & Collecting Robot 

      Razan, Kiwan; Sumaya, ALkhateeb (2017)
      The major drawback in today’s surveillance rests on the involvement of human operators which can easily be distracted, so we need a system which can autonomously monitor regions continuously, making decisions while identifying ...
    • Beauty Program 

      Ahmad Shawahna; Shadi Awwad (2011)
      Beauty is the standard in professional music notation. Its powerful transcribing and editing capabilities help musicians of all levels get their ideas into print. Fast, accurate, and easy to use, Beauty allows you to create ...
    • Beauty Program 

      Ahmad Shwahna; Shadi Awad (2012)
    • Bee CRM 

      Mohammad Mallalha; Osama Zaaror (2010)
      Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an information industry term for methodologies, software, and usually Internet capabilities that help an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized and efficient ...
    • Billing System 

      Khiria Khalaf (2007)
    • Blind Guidance system (BGS) 

      Abdel Azeem Bukhari; Alaa Alhudhud (2012)
      This is the tool that response to the results of our software and convert them to actual movement on the ground , this tool is designed to help the blind to navigate with easiest way now no need for him to lift the cane ...
    • Bluetooth Controlled Microcontroller Robot 

      Waseem Omar; Ahmad Darwazeh (2009)
      Our graduation project is a robot with seven motors controlled by microcontroller PIC18f4620 which controlled by Bluetooth technology.We brought a robot with already embedded motors in it, and we designed the controlling ...
    • Bluetooth Home Automation 

      Muna Qanadeelo; Enas Saleh (2007)
      Our project is a wireless controlling of a home component, this is the main Idea.The wireless communication system is Bluetooth peering between a client (mobile station in our case) & a server(LinkMatik 2.0 : Bluetooth ...
    • Bluetooth Pedometer 

      Ahmad Baker; Ayman Melhem (2011)
      We have built a pedometer that helps walker or runner user to monitor his steps count, speed, distance and calories that he/she burned during the exercise. All mentioned parameters are viewed on mobile.
    • Board Solver 

      Sayeh, Ameed; Kiwan, Raslan (2019)
      Making our lives easier is one of the main objectives of technology, always aiming to make new things in that purpose, and surely, the robotic age has its fair share in doing that, making alternatives that could take the ...
    • Body Learning 

      Najah Sadder.; Hanan Abd-Allah (2006)
    • BrailleType 

      Haya Debas; Jumanah Salhab (2015)
      Braille is a means of reading and writing for blind and visually impaired people. The history and development of the Braille system has made it possible for blind people to take notes, write letters, read books, etc.When ...
    • Browsing Internet via Bluetooth 

      Hind A.H Wadi; Lubna Y. Dwaikat (2010)
      Browsing internet through mobiles is widely used most of the time its done by using GPRS, on other hand GPRS services too costly. Regular DSL is available for PCs, laptops and much cheaper than GPRS.Most PCs, laptops, ...
    • Browsing Internet via Bluetooth 

      ; (2010)
      Browsing internet through mobiles is widely used most of the time its done by using GPRS, on other hand GPRS services too costly. Regular DSL is available for PCs, laptops and much cheaper than GPRS. Most PCs, laptops, ...
    • Bubbles Screen 

      Ahmad Husaam Abo-Sa'a; Moath Sobhi Samaneh (2014)
      AbstractThis project aims to design a microcontroller-based bubbles screen in order to display text and patterns. The screen is composed of bubbles generated in a tank of water or other liquids.The patterns or text displayed ...
    • Bundle Of Android Games 

      Maysoon Ashayer; Muna Sholi (2012)
          Games are the killer applications for smartphones today. Almost everyone likes to play games of some sort. Android users spent an average of 9.3 hours per month playing games on their phones (1).  ...