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    • Tarneeb game Over Network 

      Othman Shuqir; Abdulrhman Salama (2007)
    • Task Management System (TMS) 

      Mostafa Taha (2016)
      Online task manager and online to do list that helps individuals and businesses effectively organize their projects and tasks. The importance of this project comes from the need of using single software that can be used ...
    • Tic Tac Toe 

      Naser, Rudab; Salameh, Israa (2017)
      Tic-tac-toe game is an interesting game that provide enjoyment in our life. This beautiful game is very familiar in our society because it is easy to play and requires simple equipment such as a pencil and a sheet of ...
    • Tic-Tac-Toe Robot 

      Amna Msalam; Rehan AL Ashqar (2016)
      Games are well-defined problems that are generally interpreted as requiring intelligence to play well. In this project we will develop an intelligence robot that plays Tic-Tac-Toe game with human. The most important aspect ...
    • Touch Screen 

      Yousef Rabi; Yousef Fares (2009)
      Directly measuring the force of a touch on a touch screen eliminates many of the limitations of traditional touch technologies. Force sensing touch devices heretofore have proven impractical. We explore the challenges of ...
    • Town Defenders 

      Osama Abu Omar; Hakam Risheh (2014)
      This game project lies under the strategic games type, it will initially be released for Windows PCs and Xbox 360 users and afterwards will be available for WP8 devices on the Windows 8 Market Place, for now, opponents can ...
    • Toys Catcher 

      Sondos Ishtawi; Asmaa Salman (2012)
      Abstract:Our project is mainly talk about a machine for catching objects using a moving robotic crane with a griper. The movement of the griper is controlled wirelessly by a glove that is utilizing a number of sensors and ...
    • Traffic Light System 

      Tareq Odah; Yazan Mosleh (2010)
    • Trainable Robotic Arm 

      Mohammad Al Awad; Fathi Hindi (2014)
      A Trainable Robotic Arm is a type of mechanical arm with functions similar to a human arm, therefore the arm will move in three dimensions. The general applications of this trainable arm are in manufacturing ...
    • Travel Planner 

      Ruaa Barakat; Dania Abu Elown (2014)
      Travel Planner application provides the travelers with services that they usually need during their travels. Traveler Planner will make it easy and fun for you to organize your flights. Travel planner make your trip as ...
    • Traveler Kit 

      Ammar M.O Haj Hamad; Izzat Ahmad Kukhon (2011)
      Traveler kit application is an android based application that provides the travelers with services that they might need during their travels, either for a tourist, education or business travels. This application benefits ...
    • Tuba search engine 

      Sawsan Dwiekat (2010)
      Tuba is a web based search engine so What is a search engine : Internet search engines are special sites on the Web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites. There are differences in the ways ...
    • TV Video Game 

      Yusuf Irtahee; amjad abu-Sharshooh (2009)
          The idea of our project is how to generate video signal for the TV using PIC microcontroller. this operation needs a lot of memory because the video screen has to be mapped in memory so only PICs ...
    • U Sketch 

      Mai Abushamma; Rawan AbuZahra; Zainab Imran (2014)
      Our project is a framework to facilitate building several applications converting the surfaces into interactive ones. Our system uses the Kinect and the WII technologies to convert the white board the teacher uses into ...
    • Ultrasonic Vision System 

      Haneen HajQasem; Sawsan Dweikat (2010)
      The ultrasonic  vision system enables a person to navigate hallways and around large objects without sight, through the use of an ultrasonic rangefinder that  interfaces with the user via tiny vibrating motors ...
    • University Internet Student Registration System 

      Ahmad Badawi; Ahmad Abu Omar (2006)
    • USB Electro-Kit 

      Jafar T. Hajeer; Mohammad Sh. Khalaf (2007)
      As a requirement to get the bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, students are required to perform a hardware graduation project. We were free to choose a project using one of the modern technologies in computer world.
    • USB Electro-Kit 

      Jafar T. Hajeer; Mohammad Sh. Khalaf (2008)
    • USB Oscilloscope &Digital Multimeter 

      Murad Salman; Mohamad Masoud (2009)
      This one's an oscilloscope connected to a computer using the USB bus. This is probably the cheapest oscilloscope on the market, but maybe also the worst... The scope can only record 15479 samples per second.
    • User Mangmant system 

      Sadiq saeed Al-Hajj; Othman Omar (2006)