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    • Smart Virtual Store 

      Eman M. Masarweh; Yaman A. Salman (2011)
      Today, we live in a world of fast paced. People do not have time to spare. Thus, we yearn for comfort. Most of us are too busy, and we do not have enough time even to go to the grocery store. Recently,new type of virtual ...
    • Smart watch 

      Noor, Qan’eer; Yasmeen, Omar (2017)
      This project which is a smart watch aims to control our times , remind us with our activities , make our lives more accurate . The smart watch has many functionalities . first of all, it controls the working time of ...
    • Smart Wheelchair 

      Enas, Adwan; Diana, ALkhateeb (2017)
      These days the majority of tasks are performed by using computerized systems and these systems should have a role to improve the lifestyle of disabled people. The disabled people use traditional wheelchairs, but it make ...
    • Smart Windows 

      Bdair, Ghadeer; sholi, Anwar (2017)
      Windows in homes, houses, villas and cars need to be covered to protect people's privacy, curtains are good but can you remember how many times you forgot to close curtains, what about high windows, how hard to put curtains ...
    • Smart-Umbrella 

      Mohammed, Marabi; Abd Al-Rahman, Badran (2017)
      As known about pilgrimage, there are a lot of people at the same place and they tend to go there in groups. And the weather in Saudi Arabia is usually hot which requires umbrellas. Therefore, we aim to develop a smart ...
    • Soccer Player robot CR7 

      Ayman, Ghanem; Ameen, odah (2017)
      CR7 is an autonomous obstacle avoidance robot specially designed and constructed for playing soccer in the small-size and fixed area according to rules and regulations. This robot consists of a moving mechanism, motion-control ...
    • Sokar Dash 

      Jenan Staiti; Tasneem Bsharat (2014)
      Abstract : Android is basically an operating system for smart phones. it almost use For entertainment so in our project we developed a game. We propose to develop a Diamond Dash game. our game name is Sokar Dash that will ...
    • Sort It Out 

      Abd Al-Aziz, Walaa; Abu Baker, Zaina (2017)
      M&M’s Color Sorter develops a proof of concept for color sorting by using candies. Given a random assortment of M&M’s candies, consisting of up to 6 different colors, the device will be able to sort them by color in a ...
    • Sorting Robot 

      zaid, Inas; Shenawy, Noura (2018)
      Image processing in the technology world takes a big attention since it has the ability to make the scope of application much greater, although robots have taken a big place especially in industry. Many factories need a ...
    • Sound Localization system 

      Wafa'a Annaqib; Doa'a Ghazal (2010)
      Sound localization system is an autonomous system that detects which direction the sound came from by imitating the human ear.               &nbs ...
    • Speaker Vervication and speach recognition 

      Aladdin Sweidan; Loai Qawareeq (2008)
    • Sprayer Robot 

      Abdallah Musmar; Motasem Qamhia (2011)
      Sprayer Robot (SR) is an external hardware system combined with a computerized application in order to paint any picture from the PC on a board.
    • Stair Climbing Robot "Yazur" 

      Mostafa Taha; Ibraheem Taha (2016)
      For urban search and rescue duties (USAR) and catastrophes pacification, it is usually to put cameras and sensors into disastrous or inaccessible area to achieve better conditions for the rescue personnel. Robots are ...
    • Steps 

      Hajeer, Sama'; Hji, Manar (2017)
      A learning toy robot for kids : The robot will help teaching kids code and computer programming a way from screen and through hand on play. The coding language is blocks like LEGO(like forward,right,left,backward) and ...
    • Stock Riders 

      Ziena Abu Aisha; Alaa Namos (2008)
      STOCK RIDERS is one of the first steps to guide individuals and improve their ability to invest in the stock exchange and to avoid any wrong ideas about investment in the stock exchange. This game aims to enable players ...
    • Storing and Classification Robot 

      Mariam E'mar; Alaa Shaheen (2013)
      Storing Robot is a moving arm robot attached to mobile base that is doing mainly the classification of objects based on a tag. Each object has a specific tag, and the robot included an RFID reader that reads it. Then the ...
    • Survive The Road 

      Gina Kadri; Shahd Abdulhaq (2013)
      It is obvious that today, games are becoming the dominant applications for smartphones. It iseven more obvious that creating mobile games can be a very profitable business.In our project, we developed a desktop/mobile ...
    • Survivors Discovery Robot 

      Safa, Hadeel; Salawdeh, Amaal (2017)
      Destroyed building after earthquakes or wars is a horrible matter to deal with since it needs a lot of time, cost, labor and lack of safety to find survivors in order to rescue them. So we can apply automated science by ...
    • Swabby 

      Leen, Abu Baker; Amr, Abu Zant (2017)
      Young generation desperately needs brain teaser games to develop logical reasoning and critical thinking skills which are important to gain the future required competences that are essential to prepare the children to make ...
    • Swarmy 

      Zuhair, AlSader; Karam, Shawish (2016)
      Swarmy is a system of easily-programmable robots targeted for children and educators who would like to learn or teach computer science in a physical way. It also gives students the opportunity to learn about more advanced ...