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    • Zoomin 

      Suhayb, Yahya; Ihab, Kahrrosheh (2017)
      Our project is a photo sharing website that allows photographers, artists, designers and professionals to share their photos in a secure way so as to keep their photos and copyrights protected .They can upload their photos ...
    • أنــــا ومــامـــا 

      Abu-doleh, Mariam; Abdallah, Laila (2017)
      Children are the best grace in Parents' lives. Their health and take care of them during pregnancy period until birth and beyond is considered as the most important thing occupies parents' thinking. Moms today have more ...
    • سبع صنايع 

      Da’as, Oraib; Shehada, Safa’ (2017)
      سبع صنايع is a web site and mobile application that targeting all people in the Palestinian society in general and artisans in particular. Artisans are an important category in the society; they do a work that cannot be ...