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    • Alternatives to solve Faisal/Haifa Streets problems 

      Dina Marwan Abdulhaq; Dima Aquil Qamhiyeh (2009)
       As more and more vehicles crowd the citiess roadways, traffic congestion has an increasingly debilitating effect on our quality of life. Across the West Bank, people, business, the industry, the economy and the ...
    • "Design of The Western Part of Nablus Ring Road" "Moh'd Bin Rashid Al-Maktom Road" 

      Hakam Aaraj; Qadri Shaheen; Mutaz O'deh (2009)
      Proper transportation services permit the specialization of industry or commerce, reduce costs for raw materials like building stone, or manufactured goods, and result in lower costs and greater choices for the ...
    • Design OF Hayat Nablus 

      Murad Shareef Sulaiman; Jasem Mohamad maali (2009)
       Hayat Nabulus construction composed of three blocks, Block A Consist of Two-stories. The first floor is composed of equal surface area of 732 meters square and at an altitude of 9 meters. Consists of a closed-door ...
    • Zara Center 

      mohammad samaaneh (2009)
      Project title: Zara center                              Nablus Palestine&n ...
    • Structural Analysis and Design of a new Nablus Municipality Building for Gravity and wind Loads 

      Leen Y. Arafat; Nagham A.R. Touqan (2009)
       Thisproject is a structural analysis and design of a new building for Nablus Municipality. The building is composed of a reinforced concrete structure with a steel dome and steel arches.The approach is to do a ...
    • Fundamentals Of Project Management 

      Jameel Hamadneh; Hasan Hamadneh; Raafat Amarneh; Faisal Nasser-Allah; Ahmad Sameer (2009)
      A project is a problem scheduled for solution. This definition forces us to recognize that projects are aimed at solving problems and that failure to define the problem properly is what sometimes gets us into trouble.
    • Design of Several Foundation Systems For Faculty of Optics 

      Maysaa Qushou; Sama Ismail (2010)
       The lowest part of the structure generally is referred to as the foundation; its function is to transfer the load of the structure to the soil on which it is resting. A properly designed foundation transfers the load ...
    • Foundation Design of Multy story building 

      Asmaa Abed-Al Hadi Mardawi; Rasha Eshtewi; Maysoon Sbeeh (2010)
      Our project aims to design the foundation of multy storey building in Nablus city. This project includes six chapters, where this introduction titled under chapter one. Briefly, chapter 2 talks about the literature ...
    • Spatial and temporal drought analysis in the west bank 

      Shadi Kalabani; Atyia Altos (2010)
      Drought considered from the most natural hazards that threatened the West Bank water resources and very critical issue to understand. This study aims at assessing the behavior of spatial and temporal drought in the West ...

      Ali Mazen Mahroom; Amjad Nidal al-Kharof (2010)
       This  project is a structural analysis and design of a residential building located in Rafidia in Nablus city. The building is consisted of 10 floors.      The final analysis and design ...
    • Construction Project Management /Tubas Governmental Hospital 

      Asmaa Abu-Aqel; Naheel Al-Naser (2010)
      This graduation project contain two part, first part about the general project management and contain nine topic, scope, time, risk, quality, human, communication and procurement. Part two about  "Tubas Governmental ...
    • Design Storm Water and Waste Water Network for Qalqilia City. 

      Yousif Alsaddeh (2010)
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    • Project Management 

      Mohannad Abu Semri; Mohammad abu-Alia; Omar Bassam Daour; Abed-Allah Sameer Sawalmeh (2011)
       The purpose of the project is to calculate the real quantities referring to Executive scheme for a school building consist of three layers.This project is based on the calculation of real amounts of materials by ...
    • Structural Design of A Residential Building (Monawer Building) 

      Mahdi Ahmad Abu Hatab; Riyad Emad Arda; Musab Budier (2012)
       Problem Definition:This project deals with the analysis and design of a reinforced concrete a residential building in Nablus city, which is constructed of seven floors with an area of each floor of (300) m2, and ...
    • Design of wastewater collection System of Al-Swani 

      Ahmad Adas; Fayed Atatri; Amjad Shayeb (2012)
       The most important element to the human beings , from the past till now also in the future is water , without this important element , our life will totally stop .In the present time , the life is getting more ...
    • Measuring Palestinian labors productivity Rates for Block, Steel and excavation works 

      Abdul Wahhab Al-Madani; Mohammad Sohil Fares; Azzam Abu Jalboush; Khaleel Al Masry (2012)
      Construction projects in our country encounters some problems for contractors and owners before or during the projects. A lot of these problems are time problems leads to project deviation from the plans in term of time ...
    • Structural Design of a Hotel Building 

      Mohammed Qawariq; faris kojok (2012)
      The project is a design of a hotel building in Ramallah which is a main center, where the number of active hotels are not enough. The hotel consists of eight floors, each floor is equal to about 1510m2, and the height of ...
    • 3D Dynamic Design Of Sky face Hotel 

      Ahmad AL-Nuirat; Islam Zuhd (2012)
       This project aims to design a hotel building in Nablus city, of an area 2000 m2, 50 m length and 40 m width. The building consists of four stories, the height of the ground floor is 5.5 m, and other floors are of 4 ...
    • Structural analysis and design of an Ajjouli building 

      Rinad AL-atrash; Manar Faqah (2012)
       This is a graduation project that introduces and gives a summary of structural analysis and design of Ajjouli Commercial Building in Ramallah. In the design of any project, the structural engineer has full ...
    • Evaluation of The Structural Design of Nursing and Optical Faculty- An Najah National University 

      Ahmad F. Amad; Mahhmoud A. Sukkar; Ahmad A. Zeineddin; Fawzi S. Abu-Aladas (2012)
      This structure is used for educational purposes. The faculty consists of seven floors. Six main floors and roof floor. This structure includes mechanical rooms and three water tanks. The project has two axes of symmetry.