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    • Automatic Book Scanner 

      Jamal, Iyad; Al-Hudhud, Mohammed-Ali (2017)
      In the Recent years in ANNU, the number of students who are taking their colleagues notebooks and print it on papers has been increased. To scan these huge numbers of note books for other students it will take a lot of ...
    • Piano Glove 

      Refai, Ata'; haj yousef, Leena (2017)
      In this project, we aim to turn a pair of gloves—purchased at a local thrift store—into a music-making device that allows users to compose, and produce music. The gloves turn any bend or gesture into a piano keyboard , ...
    • We Sense 

      Isleem, Tala; Abu-Abiah, Iman (2018)
      This project is a website not for a certain segment, we want throw it to make people have some important information about their electrical machines in their home, office or any where they use any electrical machines. The ...