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    • The S-Property and Best Approximation 

      Sawsan Azmi Sabri Al-Dwaik (2000)
      The problem of best approximation is the problem of finding , for a given point x and a given set G in a normed space (X,||.||) , a point go in G which should be nearest to x among all points of the set G . However , ...
    • Sabils in Islamic Architecture a Case Study of the Old City of Nablus 

      Fidaa Mohammed Ahmed Qaqour (2010)
      This study aims to shed light on sabil water construction as an important factor and unused in the traditional architecture and to revive it again, keep it and make it active. This study includes the definition of al-sabil ...
    • Sachem, Ma’barta, Mamarta, Newpolos (Nablus) 

      Dr. Ibraheem Fani (1999-04-28)
    • Sacred Jerusalem in the Arabic Textbooks of Basic School in Jordan an Analytical Study 

      Mohammad Al-Hawamdeh (2010)
      This study aimed at proposing a list of the constituents of Sacred Jerusalem's image to be included in the Arabic textbooks of the basic school in Jordan. The study aimed as well at exploring the extent to which such ...
    • SAED SAYEH Hospital 

      BADER, SAED (2022)
      The general hospital consists of several main parts, which are the services part, the dormitories part, and the departments part in general. In particular, the hospital consists of reception areas distributed at the entrances ...
    • Saeh Tourist-helper Application 

      Najjar, Yasmin; Yousef, Omama (2019)
      Modern technology in general and especially the Internet and applications are considered the future of humans and nations. Countries are currently racing to make modern technology industry more active and present among ...
    • Safe Driving 

      Abu-Hijleh, Nour; Mahamdeh, Raya (2019)
      Drowsy driving is considered a major problem. The danger, and often tragic results of drowsy driving are alarming. Drowsy driving happens when a driver has not slept enough, but it can also happen due to other reasons ...
    • Safe Elderly 

      Nassar, Abeer; Al-Zayed, Yara (2017)
      The elderly need intensive help, care and monitoring for their health, especially ones who have chronic diseases, as well the doctors must be always in touch with them to track their medical conditions. Caregivers who might ...
    • Safe Medication 

      Yaqeen Salatneh; Lara Sabbah (2014)
       ABSTRACT Over the counter medicines are considered the most popular by people, and could be bought without consulting physician. At the same time it could be active and relief when it is taken with a limited dose, ...
    • Safety Car 

      Al-Hammouz, Zaina; Khdair, Sajeda (2019)
      Our project is an idea that helps drivers when they are driving, the idea based on a smart system that helps the driver in several modes while driving, for example, if the weather was bad and while it rains heavily the ...
    • Safety Online System 

      Razan Jaber; Nagham Hamad (2011)
    • Safty Analysis On The Two_lan Rural Highways In The North Of West Bank 

      Abdul_rahman Shabeeb; Hisham Abu Baker; Nader Dmaidi (2014)
        This study aims to analyze the safety performance, and to identify the contributing factors to crashes on Two-lane highways at the North part of the West Bank. Furthermore, this study attempts to identify the most ...
    • Sage as a source of medicines 

      Abeer Abu Khair; Anaal Zetawi; Leena Jabarin; Ahmed Mousa (2019-05-25)
    • De Saint Lambert - “Les principes du clavecin”, The First Treatise on Clavichord 

      Aziz Madi; Tsonka Al-Bakri (2013)
      The objective and purpose of this article is the idea of introducing “Les Principles du Clavecin” by De Saint Lambert like the first textbook for clavichord, which is not well known among most of the contemporary musicians. ...
    • Sakani 

      Leena, Masri; Haneen, Sabra (2017)
      Each year at least thirds of university students experiences housing and residential life. This year, 53450 students had graduated from high schools in Palestine. A high percentage of them will tend to study at universities ...
    • Sale of a Properly Belongs to Another A Compartive Study Under Positive Law & Islamic Jurisprudence 

      Ayman Mohammed Hussein Nasser (2006)
      The subject of this research is the issue. Sale of a properly Belongs to Another a Compartive Study under Positive Law & Islamic Jurisprudence. The research includes a preliminary section where I stated the essence ...
    • SALFIT Municipality 

      SHAHEEN, RAMI (2020)
      Designing a municipality building for the city of Salfit, due to the municipality's role in showing the country in the best way, showing that role, and ensuring that it appears in a manner that shows the role it offers. The ...
    • Salfit as an Eco-city 

      Sama'neh, Mutaz (2018-05)
      The idea of the Eco-city comes to exist due to the massive need to it in this time. This need comes from the continuous pressure on the natural resources which makes them prone to extinction, and it was firstly discussed ...
    • Salfit Municipality and Its Administrative, Architectural, Economic, and Social Role,1945-2005 

      Riyad Hasen Ahmad Hassan (2007)
      Salfit Municipality was established in 1882, and then annulled in 1927; due to the lack of records, we couldn’t document this important phase of Salfit history. The Village Council was re-established in 1945, to be transformed ...
    • Salinity Management for Barley Productionin Brackish and Treated Effluent Irrigated Agricultural Systems 

      Maher Abd Allah Ahmed Salahat (2013)
      Marginal water resources such as brackish, and treated waste water are promising water resources as alternatives for fresh water to be used in agriculture specially crops with high tolerance to salinity such as barley. ...