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    • Paint Mixer 

      Diala Hamadneh; Areen Aljondi (2015)
      Mixing paint to have custom colors is more convenient and affordable way to find the color you need in the exact shade you prefer, not to mention more fun.Customized paint colors more expensive than regular colors Red, ...
    • Pal Assets 

      Ennab, Lina; Alawneh, Shareef (2017)
      These days, technology and communications are everywhere, a small device called phone can solve many of your problems, so you can buy a jacket from china without leaving your home, you can pay your invoices while you ...
    • Pal Boating Graden 

      Salameh, Aya (2018)
      The idea of the project is to allocate a place where large numbers of natural plants are grown in medical areas, scientific research, food and entertainment. A site suitable for the nature of this project (the town of ...
    • Pal-Store 

      Ibrahim Yahya Yasin; Moath Sobhi Samaneh (2014)
      AbstractE-commerce is getting widely used in many developed countries, but it is still not common in the Middle East especially Palestine due to the lack of infra-structure and small businesses cant afford their Own Web ...
    • Palestine Ladies Forum 

      Hassoun, Duha (2018)
      During the course of the research, I studied women's centers in all the necessary aspects, after defining them and clarifying the necessary steps to plan and implement the women's center. I studied the situation of Palestinian ...
    • Palestine Diplomatic Role in Influencing the Attitudes and Policies of the EU Towards the Process of Political Development in Palestine (2005-2013) 

      Anas Taiseer Abd Salahat (2015)
      This study aims to examine the effects of Palestinian diplomacy on the positions and the role of the European Union in regard to the political development process in Palestine, through the lenses of the EU developmental ...
    • Palestine E-Market 

      Mohammad Musleh; Yasin Samaneh (2014)
      E-market project is a market on the internet for marketing people things and products. Anybody can have an account in the market and be a user, the users of the website can add ads for their products to be shown in the ...
    • Palestine Hotels Finder 

      Jameela Rabaya; Fatima Darawsha (2014)
      Palestine's Hotels Finder application is an android based application that works as a Client/ Server application that provides the tourists with services that they might need during their existence in Palestine especially ...
    • Palestine International Airport 

      Shhadeh, Lail (2018)
      To express breaking the siege and penetrating the segregation wall moving towards the world. In addition, to use the remains of the segregation wall as a manifestation on one of the most important periods that Palestine ...
    • Palestine Islamic Bank 

      Tayseer Musmar; Jameel Qaisi; Raid Eid (2013)
      Obviously, throughout the ages, the Palestinian economy was not developed and in every period of time it has been assaulted and suffered from destruction and marginalization, which led to deep imbalances that hampered it's ...
    • Palestine Refugees during the First Years of Their Exile 

      Dr. Antranig Bakerjian (1996-06-06)
    • Palestine Travel Agency (PTA) 

      Alaa' Shafeeq; Tasneem Abu edah (2009)
        Palestine travel Agency is a tourism web site, which provides a Guide for users to know much more about tourism places; In this website we offer many real service s to our customers, some example, Real weather ...
    • Palestinian American Relations 

      Palestinian American Relations (2009-09-30)
    • Palestinian Art Gallery 

      Abd -Azeez, Azeez (2017)
      The Palestinian art gallery is considered a real representation of unity between both the structure and landscape as one. The building consists of a series of hollow units organized in a radial form, which results in ...
    • The Palestinian Autobiography from 1992-2002 

      Nada Mahmoud Mustafa Sheep (2006)
      When I carried out this research under the title "The Palestinian Autobiography from 1992-2002" I devised a working plan so I could discuss the subject from all its sides. I divided my research into an introduction ...
    • Palestinian City and Civic Culture: Civic Siege and Absence of City 

      Bilal A. A. Salameh (2010-07-12)
      <p>This article is tackling an important issues in the Palestinian context, regarding to the<br /> significance of the city as incubator of civic culture and its style of life. For achieving the<br /> object of this paper, ...
    • Palestinian Consumers' Perception towards Safety, Quality and Environmental Impact of Chinese Products 

      Hanan Abu-Kharmah; Leen Abu Lughod; Aseel Al Akhras; Hala Ashayqa (2015)
      A few years ago, Chinese products become one of the most prevalent products on the Palestinian market. Although these products considered as low/poor quality, it's impossible to find a house, office or shop empty of these ...
    • Palestinian Diplomacy in The Palestinian Israeli Negotiations and its Impact on Achieving The Palestinian State 

      Issam Nezam Falah Iyrot (2011)
      In 1988, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) adopted negotiations as a strategic option that aimed to put an end to the Israeli occupation and achieve an independent Palestinian state that enjoys supremacy. Consequently, ...

      abeer zaied (2011)
      The Entity Museum represents the most important Historical stages that Palestine has gone through in the Recent decades. These stages have changed the history and left a huge impact on the Middle East Area and the world ...
    • Palestinian experiences in IMCI strategy 

      Dr. Younis. R. Awad Allah (2008-11-16)