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    • ?l ttašbyh bi ?lmaf9uwl between Explanation, Description and Syntax 

      Shareef Al Najjar (2009)
      The study shows that the term ?l ttašbyh bi ?lmaf9uwl is not a syntactical one but it is a descriptive explanatory term. This is shown by the usage of the early grammarians to such a concept. Also, it is verified through ...
    • "La MAGIE ARZ" Network design for Al_Arz company 

      Amer, Raghda; Bani Odeh, Raghad; Joudeh, Baha (2018-05)
      Al-Arz company is one of the most important Palestinian companies whose products are popular in the local and international markets. It has headquarters in Nablus and it has several distribution points in the northern and ...
    • Labbaik 

      Abu-Assida, Jenan; Hmedan, Rana; Ashqar, Rawan; Salameh, Tharaa (2019)
      “Labbaik” is a web-based management system, that's designed specifically for Umrah Companies. The system provides services for five types of actors: Umrah Companies, Pilgrims, Guest, Admins and Ministry of Awqaf, the ...
    • Labeeb’s Friends and Apple’s Friends around the world 

      Egar, Caroline (2018)
      Labeeb’s Friends and Apple’s Friends around the world Caroline Egar, Programme Director, Partnership for Children

      Dwekat, Shaima’; Salahat, Saja (2018)
      The main objective of labeling machines is to prepare label that can be quickly fixed on bottles. These labels are sticky in nature; you just have to peel then and fix on desired place and to make a homemade machine. ...
    • labor market for graduates of management information systems in Palestine 

      Sharea, Sana'a; Nassar, Maysam (2022)
      The main purpose of this study is to study the labor market specializing in management information systems. We conducted this study in the second semester 2021/2022 at An-Najah National University. In order to collect our ...
    • Laboratories of Pharmacy Department 

      Unknown author (2018)
    • Laboratory Diagnosis of Brucellosis Using the Slide and Standard Tube Agglutination Methods 

      Suleiman Al-Khalil; Yahya Faydi (1992)
      Both the rapid slide and standard tube agglutination methods were used for the diagnosis of 112 blood specimens for Brucellosis. We found that 56% of the patients have a titer < 1:20 while 33% have a titer > 1:80. We found ...
    • Lagrangain formulation of fractional field systems 

      Sami I. Muslih (2010-08-02)
      <p>This paper presents a Lagrangian formulation of fractional field systems. We extend the variational formulations for fractional discrete systems to fractional field systems defined in terms of Caputo derivatives to ...
    • Land Ownership in Jeneen District During the British Government 1918-1948 

      Mu`een Mohammad Isma`el Abdullah (2009)
      Jenin is a Palestinian city, which was built on the ruin (rubble-stones ) of the Arab Canaanite city Ein-Janeem which means Garden&#039;s well. The Assyrians and Babylonians documents remarked it in the name of Ein- Janeem, ...
    • The Land Ownership in Jenin(1858-1918) 

      Mahmoud Rajeh Mohammed Abu Al Wafa (2013)
      This study examines the status of property in Jenin District according to the Ottoman regulations, particularly from 1958 when the Ottoman Land Law was enacted (which is the first law issued on land) until the demise of ...
    • The Land Ownership In Tulkarm District During The British Government (1918-1948) 

      Abdul-jabbar Raja Mahmoud Al-odeh (2007)
      The Origin of the name (Tulkarm) is (Tur-Karm) which is named after Al-Karm Mountain. The district of Tulkarm has been known as (Tur- Karm) since the 18th Century; then, the name was became into Tulkarm. Tulkarm is situated ...
    • Land Transportation in Jenin Governorate “A Geographical Study” 

      Mohammad Yousef Nemer Khateeb (2011)
      This study addressed the issue of land transport as one of the subjects of Transportation Geography considered as one of the branches of Economic Geography. The study focused on Jenin Governorate, an area that was defined ...
    • Land Use for Nablus City Between the Years 1944-2000‎ 

      Ahmed Ghodieh; Raed Halabi‎ (2006)
      Planners and decision-makers need accurate spatial and attribute data to understand the current situation and plan for the future. Landuse/ landcover data are essential to draw plans and strategies to meet the needs of the ...
    • Land Use Patterns in Anabta City 

      Ruba Abd El-Hameed Al-Qubbaj (2003)
      Land is the environment where development process took place, the major domain of development process is Land use for policies. This study shed lights on patterns of land use in Annabta area where the socio- economic and ...
    • Land Use Patterns in Tubas City: AStudy of Internal Structure 

      Abed-Alnaser Nader Abed-Alrahman Yousef (2001)
      This research study employed Factor Analyses in its study of urban land Use in Tubas City. Results of the Factor Analysis revealed that Four Factors could be utilized in interpreting the internal structure of Tubas City. ...
    • Land Use Planning and Urban Transport 

      Ahmad, Ala' (2018-05)
      Our Palestinian cities suffer from the deterioration of the economic, political and planning conditions, as a result of the Israeli occupation that has taken control of the Palestinian territories as well as the absence ...
    • Land Use Planning For Disaster Risk Reduction in Qalqiliya City 

      Ismail, Iman (2017)
      The historical and instrumental earthquake studies in Palestine demonstrate that damaging earthquakes, mainly along the Jordan-Dead Sea fault, have caused in several cases severe devastation and many hundreds and sometimes ...