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    • Dairy Production Unit 

      Unknown author (2018-04-01)
      The plant comes to close the cycle of dairy production from field to table in the same site where feed, milk production and dairy products are taking place. The first stage of production comprises of production of Pasteurized ...
    • Damascus_Al_Sham Province During Prince Tinkiz 712-740H/1312-1339/1340G 

      Abdel Jabbar Ahmed Moh'd Al_Amleh (2000)
      This Study approached Damascus Province in a short period of time of Mamluke age history, the period when Al-Husami prince Tinkiz ruled Damascus between (712-740Hl1312-1339/1340G) It's noted that AIMamalik paid much ...
    • Dasouqi Auto Parts 

      عامودي, أمير; مناضل, محمد (2021)
      This Project was about E-commerce and website for a company called dasouqi parts , which starts in the first of the 80’s this project was about to analyze and help the company to increase their profit , we faced so many ...
    • Data Analysis 

      حبايبة, سرين; زيتاوي, عزة (2021)
      This study comes as a continuation of the management information systems project entitled: The effectiveness of the application of e-learning at An-Najah National University from the students' point of view. By highlighting ...
    • Data Compression with Wavelets 

      Rana Bassam Da'od Ismirate (2009)
      There are two types of data compression; the first is lossless(exact) and the second is lossy (approximate). In lossless compression, all details are reserved but high compression ratios can not be achieved and this type ...
    • Data Mining & Analysis in Decision Making 

      Nassar, Adham; Quzmar, Yaqop; Aker, Mohammed (2019)
      The main purpose of this project is to solve some issues that the supermarket face, the Returns rate for an example, where we've learnt the pattern and the behavior of the customers and then predict which customer is likely ...
    • Data mining for community service course 

      Dalab, Raghad; Shahwan, Ruba; Aljabi, Mais (2018)
      The idea of the project came through studying the course of community service and volunteering in the center and knowing that there is a problem facing the center then we went to the center to know the most important work ...
    • Data Mining: Applying and comparing the performance of classification algorithms on a clinical dataset 

      محمد, أبرار; عودة, دانيا (2021)
      Our project had 5 main achievements: 1. Applying different well-known prediction algorithms on a clinical dataset obtained from Razan Center for Infertility which are:  Naïve Bayes Classifier  Random Forest  Logistic ...
    • Database System for An-Najah University 

      Banan Al-Wadi; Khalid Al-Sayyed (2005)
    • The Date of Maturity and its Effect on the Contract of Sale in the Islamic Jurisprudence 

      Fawaz Mhmoud Muhammad Bsharat (2006)
      I thank Allah, the god of all peace and prayers of Allah be upon the messenger of mercy to all and upon all this companion, and relation. I thank Allah who guided us to the straight path as we wouldn’t have been if he ...
    • Date Seeds 

      Saleh, Wisam; Jaber, Mawadda; Awayes, Sarah; Abu-Kafi, Sali (2018-12-20)
      Date seeds considered a waste product of many date processing plants producing pitted dates, date syrup and date confectionery.Date seeds (pits) comprise 6–12 % of total weight in date stage (completely ripe date fruit), ...

      Iyad Ali; Saleh Dragmeh (2009)
                      Permanent Magnet   DC motors are increasingly being used in a wide spectrum of applications such as domestic equipments, ...
    • DC Motor Speed Control 

      Mohanad Sama'neh; Ayman Manasrah (2012)
      Man has invented many machines and in almost all the machines, ultimately motions have been Controlled by in-situ or through remote techniques. In this direction, the use of DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) technique ...
    • DC-DC converters 

      Nasser, Marwa; Kahen, Leen (2018)
      Power electronic chopper, especially DC/DC converters have been extending their range of applications in industry because of their numerous advantages. Design engineers aren’t always supplied with the desired amount of ...
    • Dead Sea Resort 

      Odeh, Masa (2018)
      It’s a tourist resort and contains a therapeutic part, which provides recreational and therapeutic services, and it built in the areas of attraction and natural, and located on the shores of the seas and sites that rely ...
    • Dead Sea welness & Tourism Resort 

      FETYANE, SALLY (2021)
      The goal of the project: This project (a tourist hotel project on the shore of the Dead Sea) aims to develop and revitalize the West Bank region in terms of tourism, as this region possesses the ingredients that qualify ...
    • Deaf glove 

      Hethnawi, Tala; Derieh, Abdallah (2021)
    • Death in Al-Abassi Succession Poetry between “332 H-450 H” 

      Hanan Ahmed Khaleel Al-Jamal (2004)
      This study deals with death poetry during the Abassi succession during “332 H-450 H”, IB aims to view the doubts and causes of death at that time. The student took many verses from political works and some literary, ...
    • Debating the Narration on Building the Temple 

      Mr. Abbas Nimir (2007-11-25)
    • Debtor Imprisonment According to Palestinian Executive Procedural Law Acomparativ Contrastive Study 

      Shadi Osama Ali Mohammad (2008)
      The debtor is committed to the creditor by an association of commitment to give something or do or to abstain from work, and it is natural that the debtor meets his commitment and implement it voluntarily which leads to ...