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    • Variable Speed Control of Single Phase Induction Motor 

      Ala' Mohammad Radwan Saleh; Ala' Mohammad Maree; Sawsan Wahid Alhaj As'ad (2011)
       Single-phase induction motors are widely used in home appliances and industrial control. The multispeed operation and multipurpose operation are provided by controlling the speed of these motors. This project includes ...
    • Variation of Understanding the Crusade Wars between Western and Islamic Civilization 

      Dr. Bilal Shafei (2007-10-21)
      <p>تهدف هذه الدراسة إلى توضيح التباين في المفاهيم في مصطلح الحروب الصليبية عند الغرب والمسلمين حيث أن استعمال هذا المصلح في اللغات الأوروبية يقابل بسوء فهم عند المسلمين، فالمعاني الضمنية الايجابية لهذا المصطلح في اللغات ...
    • Variation Orders 

      Mahmoud.I.A.Battat; Medhat .R.H.Athamna; Ibrahim.A.T.Obeade; Majed.I.M.Bushnaq (2016)
      &nbsp;&nbsp; This project importance comes from the fact that the variation orders (V.Os) are the main reason of many claims that arise during the construction project and their impact on the project cost and schedule&nbsp; ...
    • Vector control of IM 

      Mohsen, Waed; Bolus, Maha; Hasan, Abeer (2018)
      The 3-phase alternating current (AC) induction motors, which is the most widely used motor type in the industry has been favored because of its good self-starting capability, simple and rugged structure, low cost and ...

      Ahmed Daraghmeh; Jawdat Al-Masri; Hammam Daraghmeh; Ja'far Sabbah (2011)
      Abstract In this project, we aim to design and build a system that helps the driver to notice whether he is driving over speed or not, using warning sound and light. The system compares the speed of the car with that the ...
    • Vehicles access control 

      Mohammad Hilal; Asma Jabr (2008)
      The systems allows controlling the access of vehicles to a university, company, or any institution. The system allows only the registered objects to access&nbsp; automatically and stores their access time in a database,&nbsp; ...
    • Vein Detector Using Raspberry Pi 

      Seddeh, Hazim; Hithnawe, Amr; Hamd, Mussab (2019)
      As known most of Graduation projects in facility of engineering aim to solve some problems that are already solved or to solve problems that has no appropriate solution, our project aims to provide more accurate intra-venous ...
    • VENUS Compiler & Simulator 

      Osama Tawfiq Al-Aqel; Firas Zahi Shakaa (2009)
      Abstract Computer Architecture is one of the most important fields in Computer and IT study which includes the internal infrastructure of the computer such that: processor, memory, IO, cashes, etc. &nbsp; The most important ...
    • Verification of the Prophetic Tarditions (Hadith) Mentioned In the Book of "Fateh Al-Bari in Sareh Al-Bukhari" From Start of the Book of Al-Manaqib (Commendable Acts) To The End of the Book of Fadai'l Al-Sahabeh (Virtues of Companions of the Prophet) 

      Rai&#039;d Hisham Omar Assi (2005)
      This thesis involves Verification of the Prophetic Traditions (Hadith) mentioned in the book of Fateh Al-Bari in Sareh Al-Bukhari from start of the book of Al-Manaqib (commendable acts) to the end the book of Fadai&#039;l ...
    • Verification of the Sayings (Hadith) Mentioned in the Book of "Fateh Al-Bare in Sahih Al-Bukhari" From the Book" Imposition of the Fifth" Till the End of the Book "Sayings of the Prophets" 

      Mohammad Ahrnad Abed Al-Halim Al- Attar (2004)
      The weak and fabricated sayings have been disseminated among the Muslims which led to many dogmatic or legislative evils, Allah Exalted led and destined the imarns of Hadith to show and clarify for the people the correct ...
    • Verifying and Study of the Manuscripts "The Guidance of the Evaluator in Discovering the Ambiguities of the Law of Distribution of Estate" for the Scholar Mohammed the Grandson of Al-Maridini 

      Mohammed Sameh Mahmod Mohammed Afaneh (2005)
      It&#039;s surely that it&#039;s our duty to show the efforts of our venerable scholars and our reverent ancestors who vowed and devoted themselves and their times to serve the religion of (Allah) the Great and Almighty by ...
    • The Versions of Muhammed Ben Muslim Ben Tadrus ( Abu al-Zubayr al-Mekki) in the Six Hadith Books: AN Investigative Study 

      Huzaifah Helal Ahmed Budeer (2013)
      The inductive method in collecting the novels in addition to the applied analytical one have been used in this study. The study was based on collecting the novels of muhammed ben Muslim ben Tadrus ( Abu al-Zubayr ...
    • The Versions of Al-Waleed Ibn Muslim in the Five Books, Investigative Study 

      Mohammed Ali Mahmoud Mihdawi (2007)
      Thanks God and peace be upon Mohammed Ibn Abed Allah and all his followers. After that. This research is titled &amp;quot;The Versions of Al-Waleed Ibn Muslimin the Five Books Investigative study&amp;quot;. Firstly, I ...
    • The Vertex Car 

      Wafa N. Adham; Manar L. Qamhieh (2008)
      Our project consists mainly from 3 parts, the car that will be controlled through thisproject, the virtual hand that will control the car and the wireless modules that thecommands will be transmitted through.The car has ...
    • Vertical Rotary Car Parking System 

      Mohammad, Mousa; Mohammad, Suboh; Fathi, Ayyad; Muslim, Abo AL Rob (2018)
      One of the most problem that faces anyone drives the car where can park it without spending a lot of time and fuel finding free space around the parking ground, day by day the car parking is a necessity which increasing. ...
    • Vertical/rotary car parking system 

      Zagha, Majde; Bannan, Ammar; Tobbileh, Yasir (2018)
      The idea of this project came from traffic congestion in the cities especially in the cities centers. One of the most important reasons for this congestion is the lack of adequate spaces for car parking, so some people ...
    • Vesicoureteric Reflux 

      Dr. Eyad Z. Al-Aqqad (2008-11-16)
    • Veterinary Clinic 

      Unknown author (2018-04-01)
      Where diagnosis and treatment of diseases in different animal species admitted to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine or through field services.
    • VGA Test Box 

      Alaa Namoos; Zeina Abu Eisheh (2008)
      For quite some time We've been wanting to create a device that outputs VGA signals. main goal was of course to be able to display whatever we wanted on the monitor we was currently using.After extensively researching to ...
    • Vibration Table Design For The Palestinian Construction Products Company 

      Samir Lahlabat; Rana Hindia; Ibrahim Aqel; Talal Shakhshir (2014)
      The Palestinian Construction Products Company imported &nbsp;a Vibrating Table machine from Italy to be used in their factory for dry mixture concrete molds ,and after the machine had been installed , they discovered some ...