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    • Juvis Prudence Bases of the Psud Code 

      Mohammad Sameer Mohammad Hussein (2014)
      This study aims at tracing and investigating the various jurisprudence rules of retribution, a punishment which is both retributive and compensatory for homicide and injury to humans and/or below. The researcher has meant ...
    • JVI-Recruitment website 

      Marah Adas.; Abeer Hannoon (2009)
      Our website named JVI which stands for Job Via  Internet , it is Recruitment website.In our website we have both job seeker and employer, job seekers who are searching for jobs, and the employer posts as many jobs as he need.
    • K.W.H Meter Monitoring 

      Ahmad Arman; Orwa Roro (2012)
      The traditional electro-mechanical meter, still widely used today collection of meter readings is also inefficient, because a meter reader has to physically be on site to take the reading. This method of collecting of meter ...

      Adham Dibbas (2017)
      I adopted in graduated project Kafa town that follow to Tulkarem governorate and its area is (634donums) and population (1000 person) for study the state of the water network, and develop the water network for 25 ...
    • Kafala System and its impact on Migrant Laborers in Benyamin Daniel’s Goat Days 

      Isam Shihada (2016)
      In this paper, we try to examine the mistreatment, enslavement, forced labor, violence, and persecution meted out against Indian migrant laborers in Saudi Arabia. We also attempt to explain the Kafala, system of sponsorship, ...
    • Keep A live_A Multiplayer FPS Game 

      Amer Iskander; Hamza Abuzahra (2015)
      The PC games market is the largest market in the gaming world, so we decide to enter this market and to compete through publishing a multi-player First-Person shooter game. Our game allows players to compete with each ...
    • Khairi Hamad: A Pioneer in Translation in Modern Age 

      Prof. Ahmad Hamid (2007-10-21)
    • Kharaj during Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Reign (13-23 hijri / 634-643 AD)Analytic Study in the Origins and Evolution of this Concept 

      Mohammed Ismael Mohamed Ismael (2011)
      This thesis titled "Kharaj during Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Reign (13-23 hijri / 634-643 AD), Origins and Evolution" discussed the issue of land tax upon the emergence of Islam among the Sassanid and Byzantine Empires. ...
    • Khulu’ Provisions of Islamic Law 

      Esmael Mousa Moustafa Abedallah (2008)
      Love, compassion and cooperation are pillars of the marital relationship originally based on, and its safeguard who protects it from which it may encounter in the midst of life .Long-lasting marriage is the slogan of Islam ...
    • kids clubs 

      Tubeileh, Duha; Hassoun, Amal (2017)
      Many people like to make their children spend joyful and useful time in the summer vacation, one of the most common ways is to join them to summer clubs, which fill their time with a lot of interesting activities. So joining ...
    • Kids Home 

      Qaissi, Abla; Shaker, Aya (2017)
      KidzHome mobile app and website allow parents to see what’s happening in their child's day as it occurs anywhere at any time. They stay current with their child's progress and feel like they are part of their day. Parents ...
    • Kids Tracker Bracelet 

      Masood, Rawzan; Abd el-Haq, Yasmeen (2017)
      Parenting comes with a wide range of challenges but basically the hardest challenge of all is ensuring that their kids are safe even when they’re out of sight. As kids grow, they seek to explore the world around them, ...
    • Kindergarten 

      Nasasrah, Amani; Awad, Enas; Yamin, Shadia; Ghanim, Sondos (2017)
      With the development of life and the circumstance of the different working hours among society members , our needs ask to create a separate buildings take care of children and response for their needs ; our proposal ...
    • Kindergarten Curriculum Discrepancies in Jordan and their Relation on the Social, Cognitive, and Physical Development of Children 

      Jihan Mattar; Ragda Shreim; Rifa Zoubi (2011)
      The study aimed at identifying kindergarten curriculum discrepancies in Jordan and their impact on social, cognitive, and physical development of children. The population of the study consisted of KG2 children in private ...
    • Kindergarten Teachers’ Beliefs about Teaching English in Jordan Asma’a Abu Qbeita 

      Asma'a Qbeita (2011)
      This study aimed at investigating the level of teachers’ beliefs about the early childhood English teaching. It also aimed to investigate if there were significant differences on teachers’ beliefs due to affiliation , major ...
    • Kinect Virtual Reality System (K-VRS ) 

      Belal Mazen Qaddara; Mohammed Wajeeh Abu-Aisha (2013)
      K-VRS is a software application based on the Virtual Reality that uses Kinect to give player the sense of fun and entertainment and an immersiveinteractive experience when playing FPS games, by using the users body movement ...
    • Kinematic Models of Successful Jump Shoot in Basketball from Different Positions 

      Iyad Yousef; Khaled Atiyat; Osama "Abdul Fattah (2016)
      This study aimed at identifying the values of some kinematic variables to of jump shoot in basketball from three different positions (center, right side, left side) on distance (5.80 m) from the basket, as well to build a ...
    • Kinematical Limitation for Youth Long Jumper 

      Akef Taifor; Khaled Atiyat (2011)
      The Purpose of this study is to identity subject implementation of long jump ideal roles comparing with the elite athletic in this sport also to identity the negative impact of not implement the Biomechanical principles ...
    • Kinetic Analysis and Design for High Strength Municipal Wastewater 

      Ahmad Bitar; Osama Khader; Ahmad Domaidi (2013)
      Conventional mechanical wastewater treatment is a combination of physical and biological processes deigned to remove organic matter and solids from solution. Wastewater treatment is a relatively new major in engineering ...
    • Kinetic Determination of Bromate in Bread 

      Shatha Mohammed Salah AbuHasan (2015)
      Bromate is used in bread making as agent of maturation, however it is classified as a potential carcinogen. A rapid, simple, precise and accurate testing method was developed to determine the level of bromate in bread; ...