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    • Graphics Editor 

      Ameer S AbuTaha; Mahmoud Al-kayal; Mahmoud A Kirresh (2016)
      Analyzing a raster image to convert its pixels representation to a vector representation the basic assumption is that such a vector representation is more suitable for further interpretation of the image to get  an ...
    • Graphite Writing and Socio-linguistics law 

      Al-Jamai Boulaares (2014)
      Social aspects including, among others, politics and culture are contained in languages. The relationship between the two contexts is solid. This is what Socio-linguistics tried to establish through the systematic scientific ...
    • Grazing in Open Pastures (Sheep and Goats) in the Governorate of Jericho 

      Mahmoud Abdel Latif Mahmoud Dawabsheh (2011)
      This study addressed livestock and pastures in the Governorate of Jericho based on the available data and information. The study aimed to examine the reality and situation of grazing and animal production in an attempt to ...
    • The Greater Jerusalem Project (1967-2020) 

      Mr. Amin Abu Baker (2005-12-12)
    • Green Building Design 

      Almotasem Tweir; Baha Banemonyeh; Mohammad Deryeh (2015)
      Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers to a structure and using process that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's ...
    • Green Building for Jalqamous multi-purpose 

      Wala Ihbeashih; Wala Hourane; Ghadeer Ahmad (2014)
      Every day in Palestine we address economic and social conditions, physical restrictions and political difficulties that challenge both the present and the future, noted CHF International Country Director for the West Bank ...
    • Green parking 

      Saja M. Sawafta; Ayat daher; Ameera mousa; Maisa sawafta (2015)
      The New campus of An-Najah National University has many faculties. Although each of these faculties has its own parking and offices for its employees, An-Najah University is still in need for extra parking spaces and offices ...
    • Green Residential Building in Hebron 

      Hijab, Duha; Subbagh, Noor; Rabayaa, Saja; Qamhia, Zeina (2017)
      This project presents a study of green buildings implementation in Palestine. The agenda of green buildings is to preserve all natures from the destruction by human activities. Also, green buildings provide healthy environment ...
    • Green School In Jericho 

      Anwar Diab; Areej Al-Karaky; Leqaa Maqdasawi (2014)
      Green building is a new trend in construction. The main goals of green design is to reduce the overall negative impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by efficiently using of resources ...

      Anwar Diab; Areej Al-Karaky; Leqaa Maqdasawi (2014)
    • Green School in Jericho City 

      Asala Nasser; Bayan Hawari; Sawsan Dumaidi (2015)
      Abstract:Green School is the school, which include both theoretical learning, and the wise use of the resources that available in the surrounding environment, In order to reduce the factors that affect human health in terms ...
    • Green sustainable method for water and soil purification: Photo-degradation of soil- and water- organic contaminants using semiconductor nano-particles 

      Zyoud, A. H. (2016-03-23)
      Different methods and strategies were followed for water and soil purification, the best one is the one with higher efficiency and low cost. Photodegradation is one of the most attractive methods. It involves excitation ...
    • Green Synthesis Of Goethite Particles Using Different Herbal Plants, And Their Applications As Fenton-Like Catalyst In The Degradation Of Malachite Green As A Type Of A Carcinogen Material, And Other Organic Dyes 

      S. Abu Sirriah; T. Shahwan; E. Boya; A. E. Eroglu; T. Scott; K. R. Hallam (2012-03-26)
      <p>Iron nanoparticles (Goethite) were produced using extracts of green tea leaves (GT-Fe NPs), also the Goethite particles synthesized in other novel procedure using anise extract in its preparation (A-G Ps). The materials ...
    • Greenhouse Controller 

      Ahmad, Jibreen Daghameen; Mohammad, Mahmoud Hijaz (2017)
      Greenhouse Controller is a smart controlling system that can help farmers and farm owners to automatically control their greenhouses, the system takes control of the irrigation process and the environment accommodation ...
    • Greenhouse Monitoring Using GSM 

      Maram Hassan; Asma Ghannam (2014)
      Abstract&nbsp;The system proposed in this project is Green House which is a smart technology to provide plants and trees the required nourishment from the sunlight and to prevent the same from the harmful effects. System ...
    • Greenhouse Monitoring Using GSM 

      Asma Ghannam and Maram Azzam (2014)
      AbstractThe system proposed in this project is Green House which is a smart technology to provide plants and trees the required nourishment from the sunlight and to prevent the same from the harmful effects.&nbsp;System ...
    • Greening Arab American University-Jenin 

      Yousef, AbuShanab; Mo’ath, Arqawi; Muhammad, Juma’a; Muhammad, Mashaqi (2018)
      Due to the increased amount of needed electricity every year in Arab American University-Jenin and the expensive electricity bill, a goal has been set up to achieve a lower cost bill. This study aims to install of ...
    • Groundwater Flow Modeling - Case Study of the Eocene Aquifer in the West Bank, Palestine 

      Hamees &quot;Mohammad Sameh&quot; Rawhi Tubeileh (2003)
      The Eocene aquifer is one of the major groundwater basins in Palestine. It is located at the northeastern part of the West Bank covering areas in both Jenin and Nablus districts. The aquifer is considered one of the main ...
    • Growing Beneficial Bacteria on Different Levels of Salinity 

      Atawnah, Waleed; Mansour, Hamza; Ateeq, Mahmoud; Khlaif, Ayman; Zakef, Osama (2018-05-16)
      There is several types of micro organisims, ones are can cause harm and others are beneficial as: EM1, Bacillus megaterium(BM) or Pseudomonas fluorescens (PF).
    • Growth and Optical Characterization of the Yb-In-Se Thin Films 

      Qasrawi, A.F. (2016-03-23)
      In this study, the growth and the optical investigations of the Yb-In-Se system are studied by means of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersion X-ray analysis (EDXA) and ultraviolet -visible light ...