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    • The Dynamic Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment for Children (DOTCA-CH): Pilot study of inter-rater and test retest reliability 

      Jumana Subhi Awad Daibes (2012)
      Objective: to examine the Inter rater and test retest reliability of the Dynamic Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment for Children (DOTCA-CH) for Palestinian children . Method (Study Design): Test retest and ...
    • Dynamometer Nablus 

      Adham Zuhair Dweikat; Raid sadaqah (2010)
      This project is a dynamometer building named: (dynamometer Nablus ) in Nablus. And its consist ofGround Floor: 584.5 mFirst Floor: 584 mtop Floor: 240mThe contract interval time is 350 calendar days and the contract use ...
    • Dystopia 

      Radwan, Amjad; Hazeem, Iyad; Halabi, Haytham (2017)
      DYSOPIA is a virtual reality game that designed for personal computers, and it considered as adventure and fantasy game that the player uses first person shooter system, DYSOPIAhas a features that’s make it a strong game ...
    • E- Clinic System 

      Salsabeel Ahmad AL-Taha; Maram Fathi Balatia (2014)
      AbstractThe system is a web-site project that represents online medical site. we prepared the system to include many activities, in our project we design and implement the system to be able to add any hospital, pharmacy, ...
    • E-Banking Adoption Model in Palestine 

      Ahmed Hatem Khrewesh (2011)
      This research aims at investigating Factors Influencing Customers’ Adoption of E-banking Technology in Palestine. Also, the research aims to introduce E-banking adoption model which can help the banking sector in Palestine. ...
    • E-Blood Bank 

      Marwah Abu-El Ola; Noor Diyab (2010)
      Almost all serious health issues use blood donated by people to save lives. Blood that is donated last a little more than 40 days. Then it must be disposed of. That means we need to constantly replenish the blood so it is ...
    • E-commerce 

      Mohammed amer (2008)
    • E-Commerce Website 

      Mohammad Abu Al Wafa; Malek Zagal (2008)
    • E-learning Application For Physics 101 Material 

      Raed Khelfa; Moneef Qaffaf (2007)
      At first we started our project which was a PC 3D game (First Person Shooter) using Torque Engine, but the problem was that the Engine contained many fatal bugs which were so hard to Debug , so we had to switch the project ...
    • E-menu Berlin 

      BaselNajjar; Islam Taha (2017)
      Electronic system ,that enables the customers to order food online and enhance the performance of restaurant by using tablets on the tables instead of ordinary menu.The system provide a new and interesting experience for ...
    • E-Menu Berlin 

      Basel Najjar; Islam Taha (2016)
       (E-menu Berlin)  Is an electronic system (internet page) that enable the customers to order food online instead of waiter and using paper to enhance the performance of restaurant using tablets on the tables. The ...
    • E-mobile 

      Shanteer, Lamees; Abdelkhaleq, Yasmeen (2017)
      Education is essential and has a significant impact on community members. However, many students feel bored from the existing methods of education. This affects their academic achievement, quality and quantity of information ...
    • E-Pharmacy 

      Fayez Haj Mohammad; Hasan Al-Nahawy (2010)
       In Our project we implemented an idea that talks about multiple pharmacies connected with multiple agents ,multiple officer and one administrator ,these agents work for multiple companies and all of them connected ...
    • E-School 

      Fadi Nairat; Mohamad Barhm (2010)
      In general our project not dedicated for one school, its connect a network of schools in one database and one control panel .Nearly all schools this a day are not electronic, and that mean so difficult operations for all ...
    • E-Voting System (Online) 

      Zain Jamal Al Ardah; Renan Waleed Atrash (2013)
              Election is a legitimate right of every citizen to choose his representative and to express their preferences and how they are governed. So the election process must be sufficiently ...
    • E_ commerce Website 

      Mona Abed Alghani; Ghada Kettani (2006)
      This E-Commerce WebSite target is to Help Customers finding all their needs in one place..All things in this website is completely dynamic so that any one can be an administrator for this website although if he dose not ...

      Mohammed Al_aswad (2007)
    • Early detection of Breast cancer 

      Ramadan, Isra’a; Rawajbeh, Wala’a; Shtayeh, Haneen (2018)
      Breast cancer detection is one of the most important problem in health care as it is the second most frequent cancer according to women. Early detection can significantly reduce the more mortality rate. it has been recently ...
    • Eat Slower to Eat Better 

      Kittaneh, Salwa (2018-05-09)
      Eating behavior is a totally new scientific field. Currently, we can only observe and describe eating patterns. For example, we have noticed that people who seem to eat at a reasonable pace use the fork 60 to 75 times ...