An integrated Redesign for a samer center

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Hanani, Deena
Hmouda, Shahd
Qadomi, Sujood
Samaeneh, May
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Commercial buildings are central to the various fields of use, and their presence has become essential, especially with the rapid pace of massive progress in Palestine and population increase. A commercial building in Ramallah was selected as our graduation project. The building has been designed in an integrative way in which safety, comfort, and aesthetic standards are achieved in all aspects of the design, including structural, environmental, and electromechanical systems. The project aims to assess the architectural and environmental aspects of the commercial building according to code requirements and considerations. In addition to analyzing the site in terms of public safety and emergency exits, and ensuring the readiness of the building in case of fire. It also aims to design the building primarily from a structural, electromechanical, and environmental point of view The structural design involves creating a 3D model using the computer program ETABS and the seismic load will be taken into account in the design. The electromechanical design includes wastewater, water, electrical, and light socket design. The project is also a quantitative survey to estimate the cost of the building. The building was designed in two main phases during the 2021-2022 school year The first stage involved research, information gathering, and analysis of all previously designed schemes. In addition, information on the design parameters of this type of building was collected. The second phase involves re-designing the building based on the information collected in the first phase, with the aim of achieving a safer and more comfortable building in all aspects. The project will conclude with a report of all design details, architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical drawings, and a quantitative survey of the building.