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    • Nablus e-Municipality With e-MAP 

      Mayy Kamel Abdul-Hadi; Samah Faleh Mustafa (2008)

      Barghouthi, Haya; Hamdan, Hadeel (2018)
      Naqsh is used to personalize items like your wallet or belt or phone cover by engraving basically any design on them. Naqsh is a compact laser engraver controlled by a computer and driven by an Arduino, the advantage of ...
    • NET RACE Game 

      Ibrahim Abdulhaq; Ahmad Abu Saa (2014)
      AbstractThe mobile games market is one of the fastest growing markets in the android world, so wedecide to enter this market and to compete through publishing a multi-player racing game. Ourgame allows players to compete ...
    • Network Management System 

      Fuad Nassar (2007)
    • Network Simulator 

      Yousef Ertahi; Amjad Antri (2009)
      The main purpose of our project is to teach network students some principles about networking with a simple easy interface for each network device.It is hard to learn about practical networks by connect a real networks ...
    • OBD Scanner 

      Morad Abushamma; Ahmad Saqfalhait (2014)
      Nowadays cars are very essential elements in people's life, and it's maintenance has a great consideration. In the early 1980s a new systems that helps in car maintenance has been introduced which is an on-board diagnostics ...
    • Object detection and tracking system 

      Da’as, Oraib; Shehada, Safa’ (2017)
      Object detection and tracking system is vast and complex area of computer vision where robustness, accuracy and run-time performance are of critical importance, due to increase its utilization in monitoring , security and ...
    • Objects Sensor Car 

      Emad W. Ashour; Rami E. Shobi (2008)
      Objects Sensor Car is a small car that sensing objects in its path during its movement in some area, and sends feedback to its computer software to plot these objects boundary.Possible Applications for this car:1) In ...
    • Online Accounting System 

      Sanaa` Yassin; Leena Shanteer (2009)
      The aim of this project is to organize the Financial transactions using the computer in order to save time and effort, and it allows users to stand on the financial situation at every moment.The project will contain web ...
    • Online Exam 

      Anas Sami Tomeh; Saad Zaid Tarabiah (2006)
    • Online Financial Account System 

      Raed Khelfa; Moneef Qafaf (2007)
      In this project I introduce an idea about general operation that is done in company that include money transaction, financial account management, all type of the company members include vendor, customer and employee and ...
    • Online Media Streaming 

      Sondos Ishtawi; Asmaa Salman (2012)
       In general our project is dealing with two parts, change the video format and streaming the video to the mobile. We use the android system for the mobile. Since android doesnt support all extension of videos, here ...
    • Online Ordering and GPS Delivery Management System (Delivery.PS) 

      Anas M. N. Khraim; Mahmoud A. M. Sharaf (2011)
      Since there is a huge difficulty in answering the large number of orders simultaneously on telephone for some restaurants or shops, we found that it is much easier for both the restaurant and its clients to have an online ...
    • Online Photo Editor 

      Wafaa Alnaqeeb; Doaa' Ghazal (2010)
      Photo editor is a offline online service, user can work online or install the application and work offline. And once the user open the offline application it will check for updates automatically . The user can save his ...
    • Paint Mixer 

      Diala Hamadneh; Areen Aljondi (2015)
      Mixing paint to have custom colors is more convenient and affordable way to find the color you need in the exact shade you prefer, not to mention more fun.Customized paint colors more expensive than regular colors Red, ...
    • Pal-Store 

      Ibrahim Yahya Yasin; Moath Sobhi Samaneh (2014)
      AbstractE-commerce is getting widely used in many developed countries, but it is still not common in the Middle East especially Palestine due to the lack of infra-structure and small businesses cant afford their Own Web ...
    • Palestine E-Market 

      Mohammad Musleh; Yasin Samaneh (2014)
      E-market project is a market on the internet for marketing people things and products. Anybody can have an account in the market and be a user, the users of the website can add ads for their products to be shown in the ...
    • Palestine Hotels Finder 

      Jameela Rabaya; Fatima Darawsha (2014)
      Palestine's Hotels Finder application is an android based application that works as a Client/ Server application that provides the tourists with services that they might need during their existence in Palestine especially ...
    • Palestine Travel Agency (PTA) 

      Alaa' Shafeeq; Tasneem Abu edah (2009)
        Palestine travel Agency is a tourism web site, which provides a Guide for users to know much more about tourism places; In this website we offer many real service s to our customers, some example, Real weather ...
    • Panoramic Stand for Mobile 

      Imad Z. Shaka; Kareem M. Shaka (2014)
      Abstract:We have designed a mobile stand that rotate in all directions. Moreover, we have developed a mobile application to control this stand and capture a panoramic image in any vertical and horizontal angles up to ...