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    • AAS (automated attendance system) 

      Shoroq abu omar; Worood zafer (2011)
      Due to the easy availability of almost all information on the internet these days, students are less and less motivated to come to the lecture rooms than ever before. Professors and instructors have to come up with ways ...
    • Active manger 

      Feker Al-Tobasi (2010)
    • ADfollower 

      Ghadeer Aqraa; Marah Jaber (2015)
      ADfollower, stands for Alzheimer Disease follower, is important because it aims to help       Alzheimer's & Dementia patients, Schedule their life and reminds them about important points ...
    • Administration website 

      Zainab Ali Mohammad Qurie; sraa Sadeq Al-Qaroot (2014)
      Abstract:Our Project (Administration website for the faculty of engineering and IT) is a website designed in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS technology, it's divided into two parts , the first one is reserving rooms for the ...
    • Advertising Laser Projector 

      Bodour AbuZarour; Thana Meri (2012)
      The main idea of our laser advertisement projector project is to display characters and texts by reflecting laser beam on a surface, depending on quickly spinning mirrors. With the use of microcontroller circuit, laser ...
    • The ADXL202 Application (Car SpeedoMeter)l 

      Othman Mohammad Othman; Mohammad Ameen Salman (2006)
      The main idea in this project is to find some new aspects , new things & to get rid of the traditional control through the micro controller.It is made to measure the speed of any moving vehicle without having to plug ...
    • Air Hockey Robot 

      Abdullah Ahmad; Moath Omar (2014)
      Playing and games are helpful in spending free time. In this project we will design and implement a robot that plays the Air Hockey game against a human player, the Idea was inspired from the Air hockey game, which is a ...
    • Air Hockey Robot 

      Jian, Yazan; Azizi, Tharwat (2019)
      Air hockey is a game where two players play against each other on a low-friction table. The game requires an air-hockey table, two player-held strikers, and a puck. The main goal of this project is to increase the level ...
    • Air Mouse 

      Majdoleen Abu-taqa; Tawaddod Nabeel Sous (2010)
      The system can be used as an input device for computers. Computers can interpret the hand movement as a mouse movement. This also can replace the way how we type through a keyboard, by following and recording fingers ...
    • Alarm Network System 

      Mahmoud Musa; Mustafa Assaf (2013)
      This project present a two networks applications. The first one is an alarm network system application and the other is a system application is used to configure the routers using a good user interface. The alarm network ...
    • Alarm System 

      Alaa Ibrahim Gharabah; Adli Muhamad Khalayleh (2007)
    • ALLUKA “Smart Virtual Assistant Robot” 

      Sawalha, Eman; Abu Alrob, Ghadeer (2018)
      Alluka is an educational robot that helps children and students in the learning process in a very interactive way. The main idea that the robot support is taking voice commands from the children and produce a movement or ...

      Mohammad A. Salman; Othman M. Othman (2006)
    • Amany 3la Al tareeq 

      Mohammad Diab; Alaa Dwikat (2014)
      Palestine suffers from a lack in using technologies in community development field, like Health, education, traffic, etc. So we were thought to build a software system that supports the Arabic language to provide facilities ...
    • AMYNTAS Keep an Eye Wherever You Are 

      Siba Fadda; Munia Touqan (2011)
      It is normal that every individual can only get peace of mind if his house, workplace or important locations are secured. Our project is a simple addition to any environment that provides a feeling of security by being ...
    • APH Ping Pong 

      Mohammad Ihmouda; Ala'eddeen Awwad (2013)
      APH Ping Pong is a funny interactive projected game played between two players each one keeps track of the ball direction and try to hit the ball toward his opponent before entering his goal. APH Ping Pong has two types ...
    • APH Ping Pong 

      Mohammad Kamal Hmouda; Alaadeen Awwad (2013)
      APH Ping Pong is a funny interactive projected game played between two players each one keeps track of the ball direction and try to hit the ball toward his opponent before entering his goal. APH Ping Pong has two types ...
    • Arabic OCR 

      Dima Shawahnah; Ayat Yassin (2010)
    • Arabic Sign Language Translator (ARSL) 

      Fatima Daraghmeh; Israa khalifah (2011)
      Using ARSL you can understand what the deaf person said since our project translate sign language to sound and pictures and text which mean easy to anyone to understand that language. Our project is a wireless application ...
    • ARAM(Augmented Reality Alternate Multimedia) 

      Abeer Alia; Mays Daraghmeh (2016)
       In our project ARAM we will develop an Augmented Reality Alternate Multimedia app. which makes it easy for students to access the multimedia thats related to the subjects implemented in their books, and to add some ...