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    • 3D Scanner 

      Bashar Muala; Ahmad Khader (2010)
      The main idea behind this project is to obtain the outer surface of the object . so the straight forward  way that we considered is to slice the object to thin slices using a laser pointer formed into a line and aimed ...
    • 3D Seismic Design of Ahmad Odeh Hotel 

      Abeer Saleh; Yasmeen Bsharat (2016)
      The Ahmad Odeh Hotel is a private tourist structure, which is located in the Beat Wazan in Nablus. The aim of the establishment of this building is to attract tourists.This project, which is currently under construction, ...
    • 3D Seismic Design Of Mosque and Municipality of Rawabi City 

      Noorah Ismail; Dana Nassar; Saja Abu Thraa; Samah Hindeya (2018)
      Reinforced concrete structures are one of the most popular structural systems used in Palestine. This project is about the structural design of a new commercial building in the city of Rawabi (mosque and municipality ...
    • 3D Seismic Design of Omar Al-Alool School 

      Hanan Al-Atrash; Samah Abdul-Razeq (2017)
      Al-Alool school construction located in Nablus city , it consists  of two blocks with total area equal to 1725 m^2 ,we will carry analysis and design of the buildings for dead and live loads only  considering ...
    • 3D Structural Analysis And Design For (Tower) 

      Mohammad Ibrahim Shqair; Salah Odeh (2015)
      The purpose of this project is design building of 16 stories on area of (339 m2). The building is reinforced concrete. The ground story will contain garages and next stories will be used as residential apartments. Analysis ...
    • 3D Structural Dynamic Evaluation of AL-Arz Ice Cream factory 

      Mahde Soboh; Isalam Taqateq; Shaima Suliman; Tahreer Sabah (2014)
      Al Arz ice cream factory lies in the eastern industrial zone, Nablus. The proposed design will be evaluated for resisting gravity loads as well as earthquakes. To make the mathematical model representative for the structure ...
    • 3D Virtual World 

      Mai Tbaileh; Muna Dmaidi (2010)
      EASY LIFE is a three dimension game.In easy life you can meet new people  in a virtual world consists of many beautifull scenes.People also can chat ,hang out and have fun in many animated scenes.Easy life offers you ...
    • 3D-DYNAMIC ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF Al-Motamayyezoon Building IN NABLUS 

      Tariq M. Thawabi; Ameed S. Surakji; Adel S. Sabbah (2017)
      Our Project is a commercial compound located in Rafidia Main Street, which is a very active area in Nablus, thats why we think that this project is important since it will provide more activity to Rafidia.  &nbs ...

      Ahmad Abdel AAL; Omar Barham; Zafar Nasrallah (2016)
      This project is mainly a structural analysis and design of a hotel building constructed in Nablus. The building consists of seven floors and will be used primarily as a hotel. The design is accomplished according to the ...

      Ammar Al-Barri; Majde Ghazal; Hani Awwad (2017)
      In this project we will design for a building which located in Ramallah city , worth to mention that this city is very active city related to building , so it should have a good strong building . The objective of this ...
    • 3D-Printer 

      Ahmad Nofal; Feras Arafat; Said Abdallah; Mohammad Sabri; Bahaa younis (2017)
      Around the world there is a multi-challenges relating to produce a precise and light parts to use in many applications that need a light parts, day by day Engineers thinking how to develop devices that help them to produce ...
    • 3rd Session of the General Assembly of the Peace Programme 

      An-Najah National University (1996-11-07)

      The basic idea of the project is to design a 4-star hotel in Sabastiya. It is well known that many Arab and foreign tourists travel to Sabastiya many reason including recreational, therapeutic and religious reasons. ...
    • 4G LTE on TV Band 

      Mahmoud, Eman; Thawabi, Abeer (2017)
      The telecommunication world is growing up rapidly, and the need for reliable and high speed technologies has become an important issue. In order to satisfy the expectations of the users to have more advanced wireless access ...
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    • 5G Network 

      Salahat, Ghada; Hatim, Wejdan; Omar, Mena (2017)
      Due to the huge technology evolution nowadays, the world is moving towards implementing new advanced networks aimed to provide better services. 5G will need to meet very challenging requirements and cover a wide range of ...
    • 5G Network and it was a joint study with Jawwal company 

      Salahat, Ghada; Hatim, Wejdan; Omar, Mena (2018)
      Due to the huge technology evolution nowadays, the world is moving towards implementing new advanced networks aimed to provide better services. 5G will need to meet very challenging requirements and cover a wide range of ...
    • 5G Propagation Models 

      Esawi, Hala; Masri, Hana; Abu Assab, Shorouq (2017)
      Future mobile communications systems are likely to be very different to those of today with new service innovations driven by increasing data traffic demand, increasing processing power of smart devices and new innovative ...
    • 8*8*8 LED Cube 

      Ghadeer Riyad Joma; Shatha Mahmoud Rabaia (2014)
      ABSTRACTWe know that the LED is a very small electronic component, but it allows users to create a variety of types of wonderful creation, which depends entirely on the creative imagination.So we consider our project, which ...
    • A 9 month old infant with coma, hyperglycemia and ketoacidosis. What is the diagnosis? 

      Dr. Imad M Dweikat (2008-11-16)
      <p>Idiopathic hypertrophic pachymeningitis (IHP) is a rare but increasingly recognized disorder with localized or diffuse thickening of the dura mater of unknown etiology. The inflammation usually involves the cranial or ...